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Shemar Moore & the Criminal Minds Team Rides for MS

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Shemar Moore & The Criminal Minds Team race for a cure for Shemar’s Mom & MS (Multiple Sclerosis) at the National MS Bike Ride held on Saturday October 6th, 2012.

48 comments on “Shemar Moore & the Criminal Minds Team Rides for MS
  1. That is so awesome. My job is currently doing a big fundraiser for MS. Its one of our favorite programs to get involved in. Wish I could have done the bike ride with everyone from the Criminal Minds crew. That would have been super cool!

  2. Wow!!! That’s great!!! What an amazing cast!!! I hope you can find a cure soon, meanwhile, I’ll pray for your mom. And congratulations for the site, it’s sooo cool!!! Love you sweet boy!!!

  3. Chneiko Ellis on said:

    This is so amazing! So heartfelt…all for his mama! I have always been a HUGE fan since like FOREVER! Not only is Shemar a beautiful man, I see he is a beautiful person inside & out! Absolutely love this…and really who can resist a man that adores his mama! Thank you Shemar, for being a great role model in this industry where there are few that deserve any respect! Sending Much Love your way! Xoxo

  4. Shemar my daughter have MS. She is now 32 yrs old and was diagnoised 6 years ago. It has been a bumpy ride but God is a good God. She is doing better with the Tysabri Infusions once per month. The pills and injections no longer worked for her. My daughter’s body is responding to the infusion at 100% better and we struggle from time to time but it’s ok. Take care of your mommie, your best friend, always stay supportive, understanding. And as I tell my daughter one simple thing,*Please answer the phone* lol, Love ya Shermar..

  5. …one day this MS fighter & ‘Criminal Minds’ fan is going to get her picture taken with YOU, Shemar!! ;-) I’ll always be a “Baby Girl”!!

  6. My baby girl was diagnosepd with MS 2 years ago, she’s now 10. Completely loves you, just like her mama! I am thankful for you supporting MS and can’t wait to tell my daughter when she gets home. She will be even more motivated to do the MS walk this year. Your doing great things! She would love a comment back!

  7. I have been diagnosed 10 years since I was 22 and it took so much from me. My family and friends and I do the walk every year. I can’t walk far anymore but I still get out there in my wheelchair. I hope we can make the difference because I would hate for anymore young people to have their dreams and a part of themselves ripped away. Thank you for evey thing you do. And please thank the cast I love all of you.

  8. My daughter has MS,she was diagnosed at the age of 23,and is a 30 year old mother of two!I am and always will be proud of her accomplishments even with her disability she is a wonderful woman!It is,as you know,very hard to see someone you love more than anything have to suffer in any way! I admire you for the care you show to your mother and how you support her through all that she has to endure,I am an MS Advocate,i try to do everything i can to bring attention to the needs of people living with MS,but your status will probably do a lot more to bring attention,and we are thankful for every voice!!

  9. I know you did this for your mom but I still think its great one of my best friends was diagnosed with ms in 2002 I went thru all the testing and lucked out she didn’t she is now pretty much dependent on a wheelchair can’t get out unless we take her and can no longer work she is only 39. she has had a tough time but she is the most upbeat person I know she never complains about what she can’t do and she never wants anyone to help her. anyway thanks for helping raise awareness for this terrible disease

  10. Thank you so much for supporting MS. I watched MS take my Mom away and now unfortunately my children have to watch me. I try my best to keep going by working full time and watching my kids in all that they do. I am lucky in the sense that I have so many more treatments available than my Mom did during her time. When I watched your unplugged and you were talking about your Mom being hard headed I had to laugh because my Mom was the same way and my family tells me I am the same. I watched you on the Y&R and now on Criminal Minds. My 14 y/o daughter just loves you and watching Criminal Minds is something we do together. Again, I just wanted to say THANK YOU!

  11. That’s awesome that you guys to something for MS, not many people know about it… I have an aunt that has MS, so it’s nice to see people try to make a difference..

  12. Thank you Shemar for all you do raising money for MS research! I was diagnosed in 2009, and I will be doing my first MS Walk April 27. I have so much respect and admiration for what you do for your mom, and those of us with this horrible disease! :)

  13. tracy miller on said:

    The love you have for your mother is awesome. I know she is proud of you. I hope my son & I are always as close as you too are. Keep God first & be blessed.

  14. As a person battling MS, I am so grateful for the awareness you bring to this disease. The work you and the whole Criminal Minds Team has done with the bike rides through the years brings us closer to the day when we can say, “I USED TO have MS but I don’t anymore.”
    My love and thanks go to you all! <3

  15. As a mother with M.S. I love the respect you show her! I ride a recumbent trike. Still pull grandbabies in a trailer behind! My father, his first cousin, me, my youngest daughter, and a sister, all deal with the realities of life while dealing with this. I love the eye candy! Hey, I might be a NaNa but I’m not dead! Thank you, Shemar, for all that you do!

  16. Thanks so much for supporting MS . We love your show , my husband was diagnosed in 2008 but has declined quickly as he has had it undiagnosed for over 20 years. The more exposure the more donations to End MS.

  17. Michelle Morgan on said:

    You are such a blessing to your mother. Whenever you decide to settle down I hope “she” understands what a pure and beautiful soul you are. Love you always:-)

    • Itook care of afriend sister ann fitzpatrick she had Ms and my friendDiana brother Toni has iMS. Idid nursing 25 yrs i think you are doing agood Shemar raising awareness and helping . glad you found your purpose we are with you 100 percent . LOVE you Tammy xoxoxoxo

  18. Tari Valero on said:

    I was diagnosed with MS in 1994. Your efforts to raise money for MS research is greatly appreciated. My daughter rode in the MS bike 150 this year from Houston to Austin. Very proud of her.

  19. Lyn Duren on said:

    Shemar, I would like to thank you for all that you do for MS. Because of what you and the rest of the Criminal Minds team do, I know that there will be a cure for MS one day (hopefully soon). I know your Mom is proud of you. I am a single mom too, and am very proud and as close with my son as ya’ll are. My son was almost five when I was diagnosed with MS and now he’s almost 25. I tell my friend’s that in the beginning it was because of him that I stayed strong and stayed ambulatory, now I do it for me. Love the show!!!

  20. Mary Bell on said:

    God Bless you Shemar and your Criminal Minds team for all you do in all you do for MS. My Mother has had MS for 30 years and has been bed ridden the whole time. She is now in a nursing home paralyzed from the waist down. My thoughts are prayers are with you and your team for everything you do and with your mother as well

  21. Thank you Mr. Moore. I intended to write about your participation in the Emmy’ on Sunday night. I was going to just turn off the boring show until I saw YOU. You and the cast of Criminal Minds are perfect in every way. Not only are you tremendously talented actors but you help to make the viewers aware of those among us “who do indeed think differently” which helps me with my job helping to keep these people in a controled atmosphere. But then I saw all the material on MS. MS has stolen from our family on many levels: lost my sister at age 40, my 3 niece(s) suffer and were diagnosed within the last 4 yrs curtailing amazing nursing careers. My brother works 3 jobs so that he can afford his wife’s insurance and the FDA not approved medications.. MS is a word that strikes fear in our hearts. To know that you are indeed a real life Angel makes me very happy that you are in a position to make more people aware of MS, how it strikes, how research is needed, how much money we need to aid/assist/help those who have lost the ability to place their feet on the floor each day because of the pain. Thank you and God Bless You. I am, indeed, a person who raises money thru walks, runs, biking in our area for MS. God Bless You Mr. Moore.

  22. Melinda Carney on said:

    Hi, I have no idea if you can help me or not. But, you have more pull than I do to make a difference trust me I have tried!!!
    I am a 33 year old female, my name is Melinda. I was diagnosed with MS almost 5 years ago, I also found out around the same time that I have Chronic Migraine Syndrome, I have my insurance through Highmark and they have changed from CVS Caremark to Walgreens for mail order, and now I am having trouble getting my shots. I wont be able to contact them until Monday or Tuesday now. Which means I will have missed 7 shots. I know you understand how important they are. I know you can’t wave a magic wand and make them appear, but a lot of times having people like you behind them can make a difference. I also am going to have a higher co-pay which I can’t afford, Shared Solutions, which has been with me since the beginning is an amazing company. They will be picking up some of my co pay. I am NOT writing to you to get money or anything, I am more realistic than that. I don’t always have my head in the clouds as they say girls do :) I am single, and live with my parents again since my apt flooded and they raised the rent which I could not afford.
    My doc is great, goes way beyond what my neuro doc does. Today is Sat. he actually gave his cell # on his answering machine and he met me @ his office to give me a steroid shot to help me get through until I hope my shots come. His name is Dr. Joseph Lamantia, he took time between taking his son to dinner and a movie to help me. I know I am lucky in that aspect.
    I also wanted to let you know that my big sister Deby who is 20 years older than me also has MS she found out about 5 years before I did. We are both HUGE fans, of you on Criminals Minds and other movies/shows you have done!
    They main reason I am writing to you is that I know you seem close to your mom and I know what MS patience’s go through, I think and hope that if we all stick together we can make a difference, even from the future! It’s not fair that companies get to tell you where to get your meds and then they don’t fallow through and send them to you. Loved ones and the ones with MS are the ones going through it, not the doctors hiding behind the insurance companies who we are paying co-pays to, then still have bills. Guess they don’t realize we also have to pay all the doctors we see too, have other meds and normal everyday living payments.
    They aren’t thinking about the person they are thinking about the money. It’s not right for anyone!!!
    Thank you for all you do to help!!! It means a lot more than I am sure you realize!!
    I would love to hear what you think. I know you are busy, one can still hope :) Keep up the great work we love you for it!!!!!!!!
    Even knowing you listened to me means a lot!!!
    My contact info is
    Facebook Melinda Carney
    I’m from Indiana Pa 15701
    Thanks Shermar!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Melinda Allen on said:

    I have a friend who has MS and my cousin has it also! I have watched my cousin go from being a very active person to using a cane. But she is a fighter. She and my friends father are president and vp of the chapter for MS in south Mississippi. I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your dedicated hard work for this cause. I know your mother is proud of the beautiful man you are. Thank you for all that you do!

  24. Anne Esther Carrau on said:

    Thank you so much Shemar ! I just saw what you do to for all of us people who have Ms ! I’m french, got ms when I was 21, I’m 39 now and have been sitting in a wheelchair for several years now. I lived in America when I was a kid, these were the most beautiful years in my life, ok I was a little girl so my souvenirs are maybe too shiny caus’ I wasn’t aware of adult stuff but my dream was to go back when I was older to live in the US again but ms just broke my dream ! I’m a fighter, always full of hope and always smilin’ and laughin’ but what I just hate here in France is that people are so selfish, they NEVER do anything like these races and rides that are done in the US ! I hate this mentality … When we lived in America (Houston;tx) we felt free ! this is just impossible here ! Oh almost forgot, I’m a great fan of Criminal Minds : you are all great actors, and I just love your “team” ! Thank you again ! God bless you !!!!!

  25. Shemar, I must say it was a physical attraction to you on Y&R that tuned me in but as time has revealed to us you are an absolute beautiful soul! I only wish there were more beautiful souls out there making a difference.

  26. your a good son that is wonderful to try and help your mom like that if all kids was to try and help and do what you do and care about there parents it would be wonderful. I have ms and so does my best friend . thank you for the help .

  27. Brenda Schmidt on said:

    Thank you for all you do to help raise awareness and support for people with ms. People need to understand that anyone can get it. Thank your mom for coming out and telling people that she has ms. Will pray for your mom. Have hope. Not all who have ms, get hit hard. Some are luckier and have mild symptoms. Some have been lucky and found a medication available that works. I have had ms for 13yrs. I feel lucky they finally have a medication that works for me, and I feel great!

  28. Jennifer Graf on said:

    My mother also has MS. Thank you for all you do…for your dedication to raising funds for research, as well as bringing attention to this debilitating disease. My mom says “I have MS, but it doesn’t have me!” and she’s got a feisty attitude to persevere. But she’s also getting more frail (she’s 82), so I worry how she’ll continue to manage. I have always thought you were a gorgeous man, but you are more beautiful inside because of your generous and loving spirit. Thanks again!

  29. shemar my brother was recently diagnosed with MS also . Im still in shock , how do deal and cope with it knowing there is no cure ?
    My brother started the meds he needs which will help him, but it hurts …. knowing that he is sick.

  30. Courtney on said:

    There is a 2nd grader at the school I teach who has MS. He already wears leg braces and has lost some motor function in his arms and hands. I wish there was something I could do to help this sweet, innocent boy. Please keep up the good work with MS research, Shemar!

  31. Brandichadae Crystaloski on said:

    Idk if you read these but I just wanted to thank you for you and your mom’s article about ms. I was recently diagnosed. I’m 26 with 4 kids and it’s not easy and I’m glad we have people like you supporting us. I’m starting a team for ms. We are having a walk out here where I live. I want to thank you because I’m no longer afraid to let people know what I’m battleling.

  32. Heidi on said:

    Shemar..This comes as a very desperate request. I’m not sure how often you actually read these or if someone does for you. My mother has been battling MS for over 20 years. We have reviewed new information on the Stem Cell infusion for pre and post secondary diagnosis. As you may know this is not yet FDA approved and is patient funded. I’m reaching out as a daughter of an incredibly strong woman who never gives up on walking and regaining the indepence that was taken from her so abruptly. I would love to hear your thoughts on this and any financial services you may know of or that could help her in getting at least on infusion. As all MS patients that deal with the day to day struggles of this disease it should be only fair to them to try this experimental procedure. Thank you for all your support and all you do to finally one day find a cure. These patients deserve to be able to live a non restricted life and have their independence. If you could forward any information you might have its greatly appreciated. Email and as always thank you.

  33. Chrissy on said:

    I have always been a huge fan of you and I have watched every episode of Criminal Minds. Now, finding out that you support and do so much for MS research, you are an idol. I have been struggling with the disease for years at the age of 21. I watched my uncle struggle with MS for years. So when I developed the symptoms, it was pretty disappointing. Thank you for everything you do and I’m sending prayers your way for your mother!!

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