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Shemar Moore Unplugged. Episode 1

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Shemar Moore Unplugged is an unscripted introduction to his life. His upbringing and family, the good and the bad times- has shaped him in who he is today. This video is the first episode of his journey- stay tuned.

58 comments on “Shemar Moore Unplugged. Episode 1
  1. disqus_UAA2uvdLP1 on said:

    I love you so much, you have no idea. you are an amazing actor and an inspiration to many. im so happy you genuanlly care about your fans. keep up the good work babyboy, i love you. :)

  2. Deanne Markos on said:

    You are a particularly special soul. You express yourself with passion and fairness. You a beautiful man. Thank you for sharing parts of yourself with us.

  3. Greetings from Denmark Shemar!
    I’ve read that you lived in this tiny (but wonderful!) country as a young child, but how great to hear about that part of your life in your own words! By the way, “flyt dig” is actually two words ;) but your pronunciation is damn near perfect! :D Any time you want to learn more, I will gladly be your teacher (now that’s a good mental image!) – Keep up the good work on CM and in life, you gorgeous man!

  4. Very nice. I think it is very humbling of you to share your personal story with so many people. A gesture that no doubt makes you very vulnerable, but genuine as well. Mahalo for sharing.

  5. Very nice. I think it is very humbling of you to share your personal story with so many people. A gesture that no doubt makes you vulnerable, but genuine as well. Mahalo for sharing.

  6. Thank you so much for sharing your life. I am so pourd of your mom and what she did for you. I am so sorry to hear about your Dad. I think your name is Great and awesome how you got it. I love what you think it means. I know it might not be in any books. But I think you give it meaning of who you are and what you have become. I know I don’t know you but I am proud of you. Even if you wasn’t a big star I would be proud to call you my friend. Like Criminal Minds I can’t wait till the next one. My mom Judy and I have watched u sence Y&R. I didn’t watch it as much as her. She always tells me she loves you and that you are her boyfriend. Just thought I would share a little. Keep smiling! I hope your new friend!

  7. Truly enjoyed your life story. You are blessed with a strong mother, she stood her ground at a time that could have been much more difficult for her.Her sacrifice to protect you is amazing. She truly is an inspiration and have instilled such values in you. Value her always. Thank you for sharing your journey thus far.

  8. Christie on said:

    I love you Shamar. I am a single mom. Had my son when I was 16. My now 17 year old son looks up to you tremendously and has mad respect for you with everything you’ve been through, especially with your mom. Him and I have that same kind of relationship and have been through some shit but that mother/son bond can’t be broken. You are amazing!! What a blessing you are to so many people. I pray I find a man like you to come and swoop me up:) Keep doin your thing Baby Boy!

  9. i think you are an amazing combination of your parents your mom is beauiful and i am in love with your dad’s hair :) i would love to see a pic of afro haired shemar wearing his red wooden shoes ;) cant wait to read more

  10. Nikita Robinson on said:

    I enjoyed this episode. I look forward to your next episode. My favorite part is when you explain that if you could pick a meaning of your name it would mean peace and harmony. I like studying the meaning of names because I believe that it is really linked to your character. Although I don’t know you from my observation that meaning seems to encompass your character. That’s important! Keep up the good work!

  11. Natalie Fal on said:

    What an amazing story. I think it’s amazing that your sharing such personal details of your life with the world. I’m going through a hard time in my marriage and i think that Your mom is such a courageous woman and the sacrifices she made for you, inspires me to be that strong for my children.

  12. cassidy singleton on said:

    i love this its so god to hear about shemar from him as apposed to seeing it online ect where most of the time it isnt true. i think this is a really great idea and cant wait for next update!

  13. Wow, I love this website. It’s truly amazing, like you. Your mum must be ever so proud of you. It’s lovely you can tell us about your childhood and personally things. I enjoyed watching this video, please keep it up. (p.s I would love if you could ever follow me on twitter Amrit_xxx)

  14. Sandra A Brazilian on said:

    You are something else Shemar! It´s really humbling of you to share who you are and it shows how proud you are of your story… People get together, they separate… people come and go all the time and that´s how is so amazing get the best of them while they are close! I was leaving in America for the last years now I´m here in Brazil, and facing so different realities! Life is good anyway! And you´re good all the way!! Congrats!! and keep up with the most beautiful smile I´ve ever seen!! = )

  15. I love the fact that you are so in tune with your fans. My son is “half white and half black”. He says I am brown mama …. white and black makes brown. I know the world has come a long way but some times i feel we have a long way still to go. It is sad when my seven year old compares how he is treated at times (school, day care) to “back in the day” as he puts it. Thanks for inviting us into your life. <3

  16. Traci murphy on said:

    Oh man Shemar im very touched and proud of you at the same time…I think your mom is an awesome woman…the things a mother would do for her kids in her situation her son I think that’s priceless..and far as you speaking of your name I think that if they were to have your name in the dictionary my definition would be… strong…unique..beautiful..mature…I can go on and on but I dont think that would be wise…I dont want to run you away…but know one thing Shemar I love ya and will always be a big big big fan of yours in front of the camera or behind it!much love and respect from Muchlovetracy@atlanta

  17. What a beautiful Soul u have Shemar love the whole package and ur loyalty to us your fans n aka Baby girls :)! Got the most positive Ora fr u! Thank u! Much luv! Apple xoxo!

  18. Louliza Wills on said:

    I have to say that you are a very good actor …I love Criminal Minds and think that your portrayal of Derick Morgan is awesome…keep up the good work:-)

  19. Grace (Lady Whistler) on said:

    I enjoyed watching your unplugged and would never have known you lived so many places in your younger years. Thanks for sharing and nice to see you seem unaffected by the Hollywood “noise.” There are many young folks out there who probably look at you as a role model and you’re doing a great job! Love how you appreciate your mom and the sacrifices she made for you. Not many children tell their parents how much they love them until its too late. She is a strong woman and I love how you guys role as partners in crime. Parents have no idea how they affect their children whether good or bad and I totally understand your love for her. I was fortunate enough to have the best dad in the whole wide world but lost him at 8yrs old. I remember everything he did and how attentive he was to my entire family. Those short years of knowing him helped me appreciate the need to tell your parents how much you love them while you still can so thanks so much for sharing Shemar. Can’t wait to hear your next unplugged and please keep inspiring people because you are an inspiration to many. ;-)

  20. Shemar, Thank you for sharing your life with all your baby girls…All I can say is WOW…I am impressed by your sincerety and honesty, you are a beautiful person-inside and out- and seeing your mom it is plain to see where you got IT from. It is nice to see someone “famous” being himself even in the spotlight. Thank You!

  21. Grace (Lady Whistler) on said:

    Such a humble unplugged which convinces me even more you are the epitome of a Taurus. Totally blunt, straight forward and grounded. Very nice and pleasing to the ears and eyes. Stay blessed Mr. Moore and thanks for sharing. ;-)

  22. Latonia Smith on said:

    I am a huge fan! You are such a genuinely open person to share your personal life in such an amazing way.

  23. Mr.Moore, just wanted to write a line or two to you. What you have done here shows why you take parts that have substance and character. Because that is part of you. You are a wonderful actor and a loving son. Thank your mother for me please for raising a caring loving man who isn’t afraid to show who and what he is, a good man, you can’t find those to often these days. I pray that you find someone to share your success and love you for who you are. Thank you for all the wonderful CM episodes and all your movies, it gives a woman something to look forward to.

  24. Shemar, I first off would like to say thank you for being so sincere and genuine. Your parents story is heartfelt and someone great was made because of it. Your mom did a wonderful job raising you and expressing her passion for change and for fighting for what she believes in. She must be very proud of you because she raised a man who is honest, loving, and not to mention an incredible actor . I thoroughly enjoy watching you in action on criminal minds and always look forward to seeing your gentle smile. Your smile says it all. It’s warm and inviting and not to mention sexy as I’m sure any woman would agree. I do have to say though my two boys keep me occupied so I haven’t had the chance to watch it like I used to. I have never been to Oakland but do plan on visiting in the future to watch a raiders game. My husband has been a fan since he was little so we are keeping our fingers crossed for the Raiders this year. And if you are ever near Boston look me up. My husband and I have this agreement that we can’t have hard feelings if the other person meets and wants to spend time with the actors/actresses we picked. He of course picked three different women and I only have you on my list. It would be nice to one day meet you. Thank you again for sharing your story.

  25. With society the way it is today, and I speak from personal experience, it is so hard to be accepted for who you are as a person. Society today has such unrealistic views on what is acceptable and what isn’t that it makes it almost impossible to be accepted without taking on some type of persona. It is even harder for those that are in the entertainment industry. As an actor/singer/dancer whichever you are, your demands and expectations our even more unrealistic at times. Honesty, Sincerity, and Acceptance are few and far between, and I want to thank you for taking the time to share the real you. Not only because (along with everyone else) I find the little bits and pieces you have already shared incredibly remarkable, but because it shows that there are still people out there who believe in the goodness of our society, and not only fighting for causes they believe in but trying to bring us together as a whole :) YAY! I’m so excited for next week! *Does a lil dance* LOL

  26. Esther Steinke on said:

    This is so interesting .When you talk about your mom , i get remindet of my self . I’m from Germany, I lived in der LA for 7 years when i was 18. I was seeing a black guy ,we loved each other and we got engaged. even back then (23years ago ) we hat to fight agains a lot of discremination from a lot of people . I’m sad to say ,that it didn ‘t work out .But I Do have a beautyful daughter out of this relationship .I went back to Germany to raise my daughter alone. Now she is trying to see her Dad in Cali once a year. But it is not easy with this distance. But I’m glad that she has the contakt . Well Shemar you are great ,keep up your honesty because that is one of the most important thing at all. Tanks

  27. Babe/ you are the balance in Harmony. A man who knows what he wants and when he wants it. Fot the most part you put your needs before your wants. Always to seek yourwisdom n knowledge to move to the next phase of life. I admire n adore your inner spirituality. You are a one of a kind man and I thank God he place you on this earth to touch many people lives. You have a gift. Oh thank you for the sign hat n book. Love u back(☺)

  28. Cynthia on said:

    I forget that under the Hollywood persona lies the true human. Your story is not unlike so many other people our age, except the European adventure.
    Thank you for sharing your story! Your mother sounds like an angel who guided you through some very tough times.

  29. Alfonzo Jones on said:

    I am from Boston and know exactly what you are talking about. Awesome interview. There is so much I want to say but well you name funny enough sounds African, Shemar. I can picture someone in Zulu Tribe with the name Shemar. Anyway I am an artist and have a “few” movies for you sir. With that said, you are an incredible brother. My family is from Alabama and moved to Boston for a better life. I knew you were the real deal Shemar, but I did not know how close in ancestry we were. Criminal Minds is epic and that Madea movie I did know you at the time so I did not recognize you until I watched it again recently but great job. Times are different than the days of Malcolm X and Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. but you represent something amazing. Your doing magnificent.

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