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Welcome to my world! Fans…Baby Girls… will like to take a moment to say thank you for all your support and love through out the years.

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  1. hello bonjour de france vous etes une personne genial, et un acteur super, mon reve serais de vous rencontrer bien sur comme des millions d autres personnes ; et bonne saint valentin kisses karine

  2. Sylvie Graille on said:

    very nice website :) I enjoy it very much , thank you for sharing a part of your life with us , your fans . Greetings from France !! bisous

  3. Sherry Stover-Volker on said:

    Wow !!! Shemar, What a beautiful, meaningful honest thing to open up and share so much of yourself with all of us, who love & admire you. Each and every time we see you, we wonder & if we could get the chance would want to know all that you so generously & graciously are sharing with us all & I can’t wait to hear more… Not many stars would let us in, like you have…. I think you are a beautiful man, loving son, incredible actor & a wonderful human being. Thank you & god bless you, I’ll be watching & listening for much more of you !!!! xoxo Great job on the website & Happy V-day!!!! Love Sherry xoxo

  4. Baby boy, thank you for sharing your world with us! Not only are you FREAKING RIDICULOUSLY HOTT, you have a big, soft, beautiful heart! OMG, you are BEAUTIFUL! There is nothing sexier than a fiercely hott man who is a nice guy!
    Now, you have me wanting to share my life with YOU!
    HAPPY EVERYDAY to you Baby Boy!

  5. I have watched you post,it’s very nice to get to see the real person and to see the journey of how you got to were you are now,you seem very down to earth,and nice of you to share with us. P.S. have you thought about being on Dancing With The Stars?

  6. your a great actor and your character is strong and confident and yet you show emotions in a way that proves that a man can show feeling and still show that strength for others in need. your mother is a lucky woman to have raised a son like you. We are lucky that she taught such a strong young man. my family is big fans of the show and you, matt and Kirsten are our favorite people on the show. i love the antics you and matt do off the show. i love that yall both show personal interests in your fans. thanks for sharing your gifts and talents to the world. Lord bless you.

  7. Aj McIntire on said:

    Love the website… Watching you on criminal minds & the way you talk with Garcia makes my day you put faith back in my heart that men can see the true beauty in a women. ;)

  8. mmthomas49 on said:

    Opening night of this seasons Criminal Minds I got a call from you and we spoke for a few minutes. It was about a letter I had written to CBS, my name is Mary Thomas, and I have advanced staged cancer and you reached out to me. On the phone you stated you were sending me a package and I was wondering since my email didn’t have my mailing address on it and the man that put you on the phone that night and yourself did not ask me where to send it if I was supposed to do something to provide that to you. Sincerely, Mary Margaret Thomas

  9. Bianca Moore on said:

    Why are almost all the images in your store and wearing the “Baby Girl” gear mostly Caucasian? It as if the beautiful complexions and tones of brown skinned women are not as attractive as our female counterparts. Before you register this as an insult know that I have a sister with advance stage MS. I feel the grief of a loved one living the fight daily. MS crosses all color boundaries. Or is your line not created to appeal to women of color?

  10. Dawn M Powell Ragoonanan on said:

    Love it that u made your own Web site I have been a fan for years I love how crazy you can get and all the love that you share for your mom God bless u baby boy

  11. Nicole Soto on said:

    I would like to start out by saying I’m really sorry for your mother. An hope you get all the help you can. I wish there was a way I could help you. If there is any way when you are in NY that I would be able to model your clothes for free no cost to you. Just to help you out. Plus it also makes me feel good to know that I was able to help someone.

  12. Rami Jones on said:

    You are my favorite actor,, my dad has ms, and my mom was just diagnosed with cancer.. having a really rough time.. you bring my spirit up a little everytime i watch criminal minds, i have every season that is out..

  13. Saphire Richardson on said:


  14. Alexis Wikaira on said:

    Hi there, I am from New Zealand And Would Really Love To Purchase Some Of Your Gear…But I Keep Getting Security Cert Has Expired?? Not Sure What Is Up With That…:P

  15. I just can’t believe you actually know Matthew! I’m like one of his biggest fans… with a little crush… okay a big one! But I can’t believe it. And I can’t believe I finally found your REAL website. You’re so cool, and an amazing actor like Matthew!! I hope I get you meet you guys one day… that’d be incredible. Me and Spencer Reid have so much in common, I wonder if Matthew’s the same… But as long as I get to meet you guys someday, Idc how long I wait.

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