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Shemar Moore Unplugged Part 2

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Shemar Moore Unplugged is an unscripted introduction to his life. His upbringing and family, the good and the bad times- has shaped him in who he is today. This video is the second episode of his journey in Europe, Asia, Africa and moving back to America.- stay tuned.

94 comments on “Shemar Moore Unplugged Part 2
  1. Always a joy to hear you speak…looking forward to the next chapter of your story…again, it would be wonderful to see yours and your Mother’s story on film, she must of made her way through some amazing hills and valleys in her life! I also watched your live feed the other day, it was informative and it made me laugh. for the next one perhaps something where you can control how fast the questions come in! Can’t wait to get my babygirl gear! Until then good luck in all you are doing!

  2. I remember meeting you years ago in Chicago after you performed in the stage play Fabric of a Man. Of course I could’nt remember my name…lol; however, you took my hand, smiled than gave me a huge hug. Yes, the Lord blessed you to be an unimaginable beautiful man on the outside, but @ that moment you were more than that. From your Young and the Restless to your Criminal Minds career, it fills my heart to see what a fantastic actor you’ve become. You are a gem to some, yet a treasure to me. Thank you for being more than just an outer masterpiece, but for also having a masterful heart. May your career continue to grow to horizons not even the highest mountain in existence could ever touch. GOD BLESS & thank you.

  3. “Never judge a book by it’s cover..” Shemar unplugged is very deep. Thank you to Shemar for sharing his inner most, personal thoughts.

  4. I love you. I have watched you since you where on Young and the Restless. I love watching you in Criminal Minds. You can tell in your acting that you you are a great person. I love to hear you talk about your mom. My mom was my best friend. I lost her in Sept. of 09. I still haven’t gotten over it. My husband and I have been married 21 years and we have 7 children. He was 16 and I was 18 when we got married. Wow that was fast. Now I have to wait another week for an other episode. YOU ARE AWESOME. Thank you for me you. Mary

    • Amirah Faruq on said:

      It’s so beautiful the way you speak about your Mother it brings joyful tears to my eyes.

  5. Thank u for sharing ur life Shemar it’s Amazing and up lifting to know where u come from and that u are sharing these beautiful experiences! Xoxox Apple fr Tx!!! God bless u nd ur mother she seems Amazing luv U!!!

  6. I think it’s awesome to have traveled so much whenever a child is really small because when you become an adult it teaches you to be more appreciative towards life, I know it did it for me because me and my family lived in Canada and then Yucatan Mexico, but we took the long way into Mexico from El Paso Texas and I tell you about the things that I saw there, people didn’t have bathrooms and you would see people out in Juarez Mexico washing their hair with a water hose and brushing their teeth, I saw someone also killing an animal in Mexico and throughout the whole time we lived in Yucatan I only drank 7up (because I can see through it) and purified water, I lived on eating tortillas and mangoes. When we returned to the States, I definately became more appreciative with being American because I was kind of getting myself into trouble when we lived in Oakland California and my mother wouldn’t have that so we had family in Mexico and my mother wanted to go to Canada.

  7. I think that you are a great actor…and an amazing person. I am greatful to have a couple of mixed children myself. It is wonderful to be able to see successful people who are also mixed that they can look up to. We have tried to educate them about their black history whenever possible. But I have always told them that they could be whatever they desire to be. And it is wonderful to have you not only as a role model but as a person who is well adjusted and humble with your fame. I hope that seeing people like them…they will shoot for the stars just like you did. Great job in all that you do!

  8. Thank you for taking the time out to personally share your life’s journey with us. Much appreciated. I think the relationship between you and your mother is really something special. Like so many others who have been raised in single parent homes, it either is a blessing or a curse. Glad to always hear of the positive! I also love the goat pic @ the end. It just brought the whole testimonial together.
    Much love.

  9. Shaun E. on said:

    Wow, my mom was the same way… And we still are… Other than God, she is my rock and foundation.. She is my source of inspiration, she is my everything – because of what she did after the divorce and what she did that shaped me in to who and what I am today. Thanks for sharing.. I can relate to this

  10. Traci murphy on said:

    Shemar im so proud of you…you’re one awesome man…im so glad to have a close friend like you…Muchlovetracy@atlanta

  11. I love the fact that you are completely open about your life which is something that most celebrities don’t do. I love the connection you have with your mother!Lol we have the porridge connection. ;) And the outfits….completely adorable!!

  12. I can tell your Mother was/is an amazing Mom by the way you turned out. You are both amazing! You are amazing, not to mention very handsome!

  13. I have seen a lot of well known people speak over the years.. I have to say you have one of the most honest and interesting stories to tell. Of course you look great too. I am really admiring how well traveled you are and how open you are willing to be. Gentlemen like you are very hard to find.

  14. rhpollock3 on said:

    You are such an amazing person to listen to about your life. I grow up with my mom as well but we never went overseas maybe one day….. And the goat about cutting his head off would scare the shit of me too

  15. Behind every great man is a woman..your mom is that woman..the “she” in SHEmar. Your lucky for the things you’ve been able to experience and share. When you smile we can feel the love from the inside out. A lifetime of memories makes a future well lived. Thank you for being YOU!

  16. Who takes so much care of his fans as you do? BabyBoy…Who is always truly himself in what he does? Chocolate Thunder…Thank you for unplugged 2. You speak so well, honest, open, not afraid to show the man behind the Hollowood guy…I bow to your mom who did a great job and it takes a single mom to know a single mom… Am very proud of you both… She is really The strong woman behind this succesfull, handsome and gorgeous man. I really appreciate that you take the time for us…you could never touch my motherheart more than you did in the JP show, man I watched it several times, tears still floating when i watch it… In unplugged I see and hear that the shy young man has turned into a selfconfident strong, open handsome man. Stay blessed you and your beautifull mom and I hope one day you notice me on twitter….among all the others….xoxox

  17. christine on said:

    Will take my chances and invite you back to Africa bu this time round to
    the heart of Africa – Rwanda :-) since you love traveling.
    more of it in terms of arm chair traveling. Thanks for loving mum and
    being by her side when she needs you the most. proud of you baby boy

  18. Shemar, I love you for who you are inside..a very honest, hard working, intelligent guy who is a lot more than a beautiful face and body !! I really enjoyed the story of your youth..<3

  19. Grace (Lady Whistler) on said:

    You’ve lead quite a life Mr. Moore and I always appreciate celebrities who keep it real. I’ve always felt when people have children they should realize they have just created the next adult male or female for another person. Having a great role model in a dad or mom makes all the difference in the world on how we treat the opposite sex when we grow up. Keep up the good work and may your mom live a very long life so you guys can continue as partners in crime. Love it! ;-) My dad was the perfect father and passed when I was 8yrs old but I remember everything about that man and it’s helped me know the difference btwn a good man and a bad one and I will forever appreciate his contribution to my life. Keep motivated people man because you’re doing a great job. ;-)

  20. Thank you so much Shemar. I am a single mother too and hope my son and daughter can tell something nice about their life with me later also. Right now it’s just the love I can give them and that I want to show them, that I wanna do everything to have a better life with kid’s. I really have tears in my eyes; so happy for you…you see and know where YOU are now <3 Your mom is a wonderful mom and woman. Would like to send her a beautiful bouquet of flowers and lot's of love. She is my very special example of a good, a wonderful mom. Wish you would tell more about her and her life with you…did she write a book already? P.S. I do love to hear you talking, you are so real, authentic, big – hearted , full of love ( see it in your eyes ) hug& kisses from Germany, dANi

  21. Wow u have seen so many places, places I would love 2 c. I have always wanted to travel and really never got the chance. I really admire your Mother and what she did for the two of you. She is one very strong lady. It sounds like she gave you a great life. With all the strenght she has I know she can beat anything. Thank you so very much for sharing your life with us. I Can’t wait till the next. You and your Mom stay strong my friend.

  22. Shemar. I really do hope you c my post. Just to let u know I can’t thank you enough for sharing and God Bless you and your Strong Mother that I don’t know but I do admire. I wish I could tell you about my life as a Mom with the stuff I have faced but again I just wanted to say Thank You.

  23. Cyndilip Lip on said:

    Im happy to see you have a website that I know is Officially yours for sure although Ive been waiting for years and years about time Shemar gosh…lol kisses Cyndi.

  24. I had to watch you Unplugged. I am a big fan and then some. It is refreshing to see a man as open, honest, and giving as you are. And one that has his mother’s back. Keep it up. God Bless.

  25. Beverleyjayne on said:

    WOW! you speak so frank and honest about your life, i was transfixed, I
    couldn’t take my eyes of you and to hear you speak about your mother
    that way,,,,the love and respect you have for her just oozes from you,
    to produce a guy like you she is truely a wonderful woman and she has my
    love and respect. much love baby boy xxxx p.s. as a Brit born and bred I
    have to say, I love your British accent but if you get yourself over
    here ill teach you to do it properly lol;) xxxx

  26. thanks for sharing about your life w/ your Mom sounds like fun any time you want a traveling partner let me know I would love too w/ you of course. LOve you shemar tammy

  27. You are a beautiful person, inside and out. That shows when you speak of your mom. Based on the world class man you are she must be one amazing woman and I, for one, am grateful that you are allowing your fans and supporters a look at the ‘real’ Shemar! Thank you and I love you!

  28. Shanita Pruitt on said:

    I truly enjoy hearing u and seeing u share stories of ur childhood wih ur mother; ur life sounds like its been very exciting and interesting. U have been truly blessed wit an amazingly strong and hardworking mother, and I love hearing how much u adore her and r thankful for her…. She has raised a very handsome, well-educated, humble, strong, hard working man. May u both continue to be blessed!!

  29. This is inspirational to me. I’ve always wanted to see the world in that way. Your story has a feeling of being free. I still want to see the world. I guess I will be figuring out just where to start…

  30. Shemar I must say that when you said “Flyt dig” yes it’s spelled that way :o) I was amazed at how Danish you sounded, you pronounced the two words like I would and I’m Danish. I’m always told that learning to speak and read Danish is more difficult than any other languages because of the silent h and the æ ø and å. One word can mean two different things depending on the way you say it and what other words you use in the sentence. So I tip my hat for your mom for learning my language because it’s a hard thing to learn.

  31. Louise Jolly on said:

    Hello Shemar:
    When are you going to put up “Plugged in THREE?” I’ve been anxiously awaiting your continuing story. You’ve had quite a life and your Mom sounds like an absolutely amazing woman whom you love very much…good guy you are for that!!! I lost my Mom 11 years ago at the age of 71, she had a sudden and totally unexpected heart attack and I still miss her dearly. My husband and I have been married “34” years and have two boys. We watch you on Criminal Minds every week and I watch ALL the re-runs throughout the week. Some episodes I’ve seen 5 and 6 times but that doesn’t matter to me, it’s the BEST show EVER!!! Keep up the good work and PLEASE, PLEASE see if you can get Unplugged 3 up soon.
    Ontario, Canada

  32. My father was from Alabama as well. I still have aunties and cousins there. Have you been there to know of your fathers side of the family? Also once your retire from acting, what country/state would you retire to?

  33. Grace (Lady Whistler) on said:

    Hey Shemar, I saw your post on facebook of the prescription bottle you take for pain. Please be careful with that stuff because you already know it can be very addictive and you’ve come this far in your career and life as a wonderful role model. Some of our best celebrities innocently get just by taking some sort of pharmaceutical drug. There are tons of herbal medicines that can do just as good if not an even better job at lifting one’s mood or dealing with pain. I want you to stay on top and please don’t give in to the pressure after all these years. I’ve always wondered how people work in certain businesses and remain unaffected by what they’re exposed to. Example, relatives of mine who are in the medical field that see blood and guts daily then go home and act totally desensitized by the horrific images they saw that day. I love Criminal Minds but sometimes I have to take a break from watching because it makes me wonder if people I see on the street could be unsubs. Seriously speaking, please be careful of those meds because we need you to continue being the role model you are. Prayers for you and you’re doing a wonderful job. ;-)

  34. I have watched every episode of Criminal Minds and also Young and the Restless. I was touched by your story, a lot of time people only see the outside and not see what you had to go through to get to where you are today( can’t wait to see Unplugged Part 3). Thank God that your testimony can help someone else in their walk in life. I pray that you continue to prosper in your career and your spiritual life. Hopefully, one day I will be able to meet you in person.

  35. tracy miller on said:

    You are such an amazing, intelligent, & well versed gentleman. Its a sad thing there arent more men like you. Such a hard working

  36. i love the show and you in it,though my admiration grew for you 1 million fold due to your work for MS. one my best friends has MS she is an inspiration to me everyday. i now have managed to buy some baby girl gear now the international shipping is up and running. come to scotland and we’ll do a charity event to keep raising awareness! i’ll even take you to see a real castle! lol,tempted??? you really are a hottie with a heart who can act. keep up the good work agent!!! lol xxxx

  37. I loved u on the soaps back in the day… & enjoy u more now on criminal mind…I watch it all day on Monday @ 8 til 11 on tues,( ON ION ) & search for it on different channels all week long.. love how u and Garcia have this friendly love for each other…KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK … UR #1 FAN <3

  38. Obviously i’m a fan, but my curiousityy lies in “what is your weakness” I have realized or learned that exceptional people such as yourself has something dark and freaky underlying. so tell me what is your weakness?


  40. I loved this.. how you talk about your childhood, your Mom and the first place you lived in in the US was Boston.. that is where I was born, Myself and family moved to Las Vegas in 76 because of the racial issues going on at that time. But we moved back 10 years later where I spent my teen years.. I can’t wait to watch part 3 of this. I love how you are so open, honest, and well connected to your fan base as well. I also love how your selling your merchandise that helps a charity. Kudos on all you have done, and are doing. You are a talented actor.. and great man. Thanks for sharing Shemar

  41. BabyGirl514 on said:

    Wow, u have & still are leading n incredible life! I moved around many times, about 50 something before i was 17. My father did maintainance until i was 17, so always was free apartment w the job. But when things went wrong we had to move again & again. I wished it was overseas, but always stayed in South Jersey. I can now finally be thankful that he ALWAYS kept a roof over my head; instead of refusing to leave wherever again. I now understand what a pain i most likely was. I never was able to tell him how much i adored him & appreciated everything. R.I.P. Daddy

  42. Cordella Williams on said:

    I look forward to your visit to St.Vincent and the Grenadines (well one of these days). It is always remarkable to find someone who holds their mom in high esteem like you do. Kudos for that.

  43. I love that you decided to share your life story! Your mom sounds like a wonderful and courageous lady and she raised a great son. You are as beautiful a person on the inside as you are on the outside. I hope that very soon they come up with a cure for MS until then keep up the great work that you are doing!

  44. Kee Sha Cole on said:

    Thank you for letting us in. It’s never too late. I believe that seeing other parts of the world helps us to appreciate what else is out there. Half my life was in Germany and traveling to other countries as well. I do miss it. Not everyone gets that chance, but I’m glad you do embrace your experiences, as we all should. Stay Blessed in all that you do and don’t wait for your Queen. Go find your Queen. ( I’m single by the way ;-) )

  45. Malisa Johnson on said:

    Wow you have experienced many things and your so humble. Not a lot of people understand that even if u have a great career. You have to always remember where you came from and give thanks for all of the blessings you have been given. You are such a great person & your mother is a solider.

  46. Cynthia on said:

    I admire your love and pride for your mom. I hope my children can recall my life the way you do. I love that you two are still partners in crime!
    The way you describe your father’s choices in life is very admirable, some people would be bitter. You help me remember that our parents makde very tough decisions when we were young, you grew from his choice rather than use it to create bitterness in your soul.
    Kudos to your mom for loving you so much and creating a life of love and adventure.

  47. Janelle on said:

    My parents took me overseas at a very young age too. At age five I left NZ on a yacht and travelled to Fiji, New Caledonia, Australia, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and Malaysia. Then we flew to Thailand and cycled around Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. We returned to NZ in 2009 when I was 11. Just recently (I’m now 16) my parents broke the news to me, my brother and sister that they were splitting after 20 yrs of marriage.I can’t really explain how I feel but having familiar ground makes me realise how much you went through. You made it after your parents divorce, and I can too.

    On your instagram you posted “I am too positive to be doubtful, to optimistic to be fearful, and too determined to be defeated”. This is how I will try to take every day. You inspire so many people, young and old, to live life to the fullest and to not let anything stop them. My words will never be enough to thank you, for the value you give lives and for how you help us to keep trying when we’re ready to give up. I stopped trying, but for you I will keep going.

    Thank you, Shemar Moore.

  48. Shakira Brown on said:

    Hi Mr moore i think you are super cool I wish i could meet you. i am very proud to be your biggest fan keep your head up and keep achieving your goals i wish we had more people like you to encoruing us to achieve our goals you are like the sexiest man alive i hope that we can meet and get to know each other on a professional and personal level

  49. Jennie on said:

    I can see that you don’t even keep up with your own website. The last post here is over a year old, the same as for you videos. You started doing a series of videos, Shemar Moore Unplugged, but stopped after two and again that was over a year ago. I would like to know more about you, know about where you came from and who you are. I know that you are a very busy man but I sure would like to see more of them. Your Valentines Day one was pretty good, seemed very real, you were a mite bit tipsy but funny. Tipsy?!? I think that’s a word my mother would say. OK, you were feeling no pain. (I can’t seem to find it again though.) In one of your videos you showed a partial viewing of a piece of art that was above you bed. The colors seem to blend in together so well but I only got a glimpse of it. Is there a possibility that you could take a picture of it for me? I know that on one will ever read this so I am just rambling on because it is one o’clock in the morning and just want to pretend that I am talking to you. (Who writes ‘one o’clock in the morning’ now-a-days – 1:00 am.) I’m just messing with you. God bless you, Shemar.

  50. sugarfoot8 on said:

    God has kept His Hands on You Shemar,,, that is obvious.. I am thrilled to have found you site,, and to learn more about you… Your Mother I am sure is very proud of you.. You do her great Honor and You are easy to love,, i can now see why all these ladies here have a BiG Crush for you… May I join them? I would be proud to be your Grandmother.. God’s Blessing Sugar Man… Hang tough!!

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