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Shemar loving his brand new Cannondale bike courtesy of Cannondale Pro Cycling Team

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Shemar flashes his million-dollar smile as he shows off his new bike, courtesy of Cannondale Pro Cycling Team. This is an Italian professional road bicycling team based in Italy, currently sponsored by Cannondale, an American bicycle manufacturing company.
Shemar was introduced to them by Johhny Hatchit who works on the set of Criminal Minds. They were so impressed with Shemar that the team came on the set where Shemar was filming and surprised him with this wonderful  gift of his own bike.

 As you can see Shemar is absolutely thrilled. He  plans to ride his Cannondale bike on the next MS bike ride this year when he rides with his Criminal Minds team.

3 comments on “Shemar loving his brand new Cannondale bike courtesy of Cannondale Pro Cycling Team
  1. christine on said:

    As you prepare to ride that bike, we all stand by you with the canondale team and to Mr. Johhny thanks for gettin baby boy such a beautiful birthday gift.
    Happy birthday to you too

  2. That is awesome. Very Cool ShemarThank You the Canondale team and Mr. Johnny for doing an amazing job and being nice to give Shemar his own bike his early birthday present.

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