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‘Criminal Minds’ Shemar Moore returns to dark storyline

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Derek Morgan may be Criminal Minds‘ resident tough guy, but as any fan knows, he’s had a dark side since the show’s second season, when “Profiler Profiled” revealed he was molested as a child … Read More

2 comments on “‘Criminal Minds’ Shemar Moore returns to dark storyline
  1. I remember watching Restoration when it first came on. It was a very emotional, sad, and powerful episode. I like the message it sent. Shemar, You did a brillant job with this episode.

  2. Brilliant! Brilliant! Brilliant and I am just talking about the writers of the Restoration episode…gotta give them their props man…without brilliant writing you wouldn’t have anything to do. Now about Restoration and the birth of Derek Morgan ‘The Man’…once that speech came outta you; you became fully man. I only say that because I have had to make the same speech. The let Derek fully let go of his past and that, my friend, is a beautiful thang. Please, please keep doing what you’re doing…your beauty is shining through and i am so grateful. Lots of tears shed when I watch that episode. Thank you.

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