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Criminal Minds Renewed For Season 10

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Criminal Minds Renewed For Season 10For fans of Shemar Moore and Criminal Minds, it was an exciting day when CBS announced that the show would be renewed for an epic season 10! Having a show last for a full 10 seasons, or more, is no easy feat, and this has helped to validate the feelings of fans everywhere that Criminal Minds could go down in history as one of the best TV crime and detective shows ever.

Since the announcement of the renewal, many fans have been clamoring to get any information they can about the upcoming season, but so far no official release date has been announced. Although the general consensus is that the show’s 10th season will premier in September of 2014, the exact dates are still a mystery, leaving watchers waiting for the official announcement! The most popular rumor appears to be that the official airing will occur at some point between the 20th and 26th of September, but no word has come from CBS executives yet as to the validity of the claims!

Producer on the show, Erica Messner, recently gave an interview to the media with some very mild, yet tantalizing, spoilers pointing to some plot points which may continue or begin during the much anticipated upcoming season. With the end of season 9 still so recent, the events that occurred are still fresh in the minds of fans who want more from one of their favorite programs, so the internet is abuzz with theories and speculation based on what Messner had to say!

Another type of speculation has also been occurring, and this revolves around who may or may not be leaving the show. With several big character contracts coming to an end before the start of the 10th season, fans are buzzing about the status of their current favorite characters, and whether or not they will return to the show for the next season!

Are you excited for the 10th season of Criminal Minds, and do you have any theories on what you think may or may not happen?

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  1. Vamp459 on said:

    I LOVE this show and really hope that we don’t lose anyone! I love everyone, but if we lose Shemar or Matthew, I’m gonna be pretty upset. I have a chronic illness that effects how my brain works and this show is literally the only thing I can concentrate on at times. I hope it keeps going and going.

    • Karen Cambanes on said:

      I hope Shemar and Matthew never leave the show! It would not be the same show if one of them left…So, I hope neither of them leave…

  2. Karen Cambanes on said:

    Excited!! Sad that people are going to be leaving though!!! Thinking Paget Brewster or AJ Cook might be leaving though or maybe Joe Mantegna…not sure–but just guessing here! Love the show though!! I am sad I have missed most of season 9 though…:(

  3. Catherine on said:

    I have never heard anything negative about characters being unable to work with each other on Criminal Minds. The chemistry they seem to have with one another is refreshing. I love each and every one of them, with a select few as our families favorites of course. The season 9 finale was one of the most action packed- edge of your seat shows I have ever watched on broadcast tv. I could not have imagined a better ending. I am looking forward to season 10 and hopefully more to come. I do not want to speculate on who may leave or what may happen. I am just excited that my favorite all time tv show is coming back for another season.

  4. Jan Wheeler Lachowycz on said:

    I never really warmed to Blake so hope she is truly gone. I’d love to see Emily come back. Just glad the show is being renewed because I enjoy it as well as the characters and their relationships to each other. I don’t care about their private lives so you can keep Henry, Will, and Jack out of the picture as far as I’m concerned.

  5. Melanie Morehead on said:

    I’m so glad!! I have been watching since season 1 and it just gets better every season! Love you all

    • Kathleen on said:

      Love Criminal Minds, have watched from the beginning! This is my favorite show and have loved and followed Shemar, you handsome devil since Y&R. Continue to keep me on the edge of my seat with all the great episodes!! Love all of you! It would be great if Paget comes back, the family would be complete! I am eagerly waiting for season 10! It can’t come soon enough for me!!!

  6. Carol Morris Rose on said:

    I see Paget Brewster(Emily) is in the picture instead of Blake. Is this a sign, I hope so.

  7. Joelle on said:

    I’m not going to speculate. I enjoy the show with all of its plots and characters and even guests. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the latest seasons because this crime drama did not fall into a rut of repetition – in both the plots and the subplots and characterizations. How many shows can have the same cast undergo new character development to keep fans intrigued.
    Can’t wait till season 10 and whatever happens then.

  8. Elaine Garner on said:

    they should bring Padgett Brewster back…..she also helped make the shaow as well as the rest of the cast memebers….

  9. Michele Aniello on said:

    Congratulations on Criminal
    minds being renewed for season 10! Love everything about this show, especially Matthew Gray Gubler as Dr Spencer Reid.

  10. Debbie Saccoccia on said:

    I do like Blake’s character, but would definitely love to see Emily back @ the BAU…then the team (family!) would all be back together again :) Also very excited & happy for Shemar Moore & can’t wait to see his new movie “Bounce Back”; just worried that he won’t have time to play Morgan anymore on Criminal Minds :( Don’t get me wrong, I love & enjoy watching all the characters, but the show wouldn’t be the same without “Baby Boy!”

    • Cassandra Bird on said:

      Shemar is almost done shotting the movie he has said so himself on his facebook, twitter and intsagram

  11. Cassandra Bird on said:

    Okay first that photo of Paget with the group is an old picture, second it was annouced back in Feb/March that Criminal Minds had been renewed for a 10th season and thrid it was annouced that everyone had signed a two year contract back at the end of season 8 before they began shotting season 9.

  12. Rhonda Walston Hall on said:

    I have been watching since the very first show and watch re runs almost every day on ION and A and E. Blake was okay but the show has been missing something since Prentiss left. That would be the perfect scenario if she were to re join the team and you could pretty much guarantee viewer to show well enough support to warrant even an 11th season. There is just such great karma between all of the present cast. Please Paget, consider returning!

  13. LovingMooreAndMore on said:

    With a smaller cast, we are hoping for more time for each member of the existing cast. Not looking forward to having anyone new come in. Jeanne and Paget were a loss, but it is time to move on. Since Shemar has said the 10th year is his last, we’d like to see him have an important plot line before Morgan moves on. Morgan undercover would be awesome.

    • Kathleen on said:

      Shemar I love you and the show so much!! I hope it won’t be your last! You are amazing and such a great actor and you are fantastic on the show!! Love you lots baby boy♡♡♡

  14. Wendy Verhees on said:

    I live in the netherlands, but big fan of criminal minds. we still have a few episodes left of Season 9, but I realy hope My favorites: derek morgan, spencer reid, penelope garcia are staying. And realy hope Emily Prentis is coming back to the BAU. Blake was fun but not the same as with emily.

    • Kathleen on said:

      I agree, and the season finale was fantastic!! I still have the episode on my DVR! Criminal Minds is my favorite show and I watch all the episodes, even the old ones!!!

      • Wendy Verhees on said:

        That is for me the same, here we have repeatings of the old episodes during the breaks of seasons and love it.

        • Kathleen on said:

          Wendy, I love all the old episodes of Criminal Minds and watch them when they are in. There are some that are favorites of mine and I’ll watch them more then others. However, I do watch all of them. This is my favorite suspense thriller and I love the cast very much, especially chocolate thunder, my mine man, Derek Morgan!! Hot stuff!! Keep it loose!!

  15. Sheila on said:

    I would like to congratulate the cast and the production team on making it to season 10 believe it can reach to season 20 and I would still be watching I like the concept

  16. Thee Sharp (LadySFM) on said:

    I would love for Paget to return. There will never be another to play that part and be that good about it. Also I would love for David Rossi to settle and be happy. He needs a family of his own.

    • Kathleen on said:

      That would be great, about Paget Brewster coming back to the show. She was really fsntastastic! It would be nice for Rossi to settle down, but think he is happy with his Gentleman Jack and his Cuban Cigars!!!

      • Thee Sharp (LadySFM) on said:

        I know but they don’t love him back. He always goes home alone and is seeing a serial killer on his birthday every year. I just think he needs someone: )

  17. Tracy on said:

    Super excited for Season 10!!!!! Since Blake has left (sorry to see her go) I hope Emily (Paget Brewster) returns!!!!!! Fingers crossed!!! You never know Shemar (Derek Morgan) may get married this season!!!!!

    • Kathleen on said:

      I know he has other projects in the works because he is such a great actor, but Criminal Minds won’t be the same without that handsome, sexy, wise cracking baby boy!!! I love the show with all of these great actors in the show, but I’ve been following Shermar for many years. I and his many many fans will miss him greatly if he leaves the show. Besides, who will Garcia get to “talk dirty”to? I love the way they communicate. It’s cute and makes the show!!

  18. Ingeborg on said:

    I think it’s a great series, very good actors I would say bring on season 10 and 11 and so on criminal minds should not more of the TV here to stay. my compliments to all the people who work there.

  19. Mary Madsen on said:

    I can’t believe I didn’t start watching this from the start. A friend of mine told me I wouldn’t be able to handle the content. He said “you can’t unsee something once you’ve seen it”. I was away at a conference and the only thing interesting looking on TV was Criminal Minds. I watched two back-to-back episodes and was hooked. I started watching 4 seasons ago (after catching up on what I’d missed) and now I never miss a chance to watch. This is one of the best cast ensembles I’ve ever seen, even with the changes.

  20. Frustrated beyond belief on said:

    I seen Blake left, I was never a real fan of hers to begin with but that had a lot to do with the fact I was still trying to get over loosing Prentis…with Blake gone and they are always finding a fill in for a female I’m hoping Prentis will return to do up season 10…it was never really clear as to why she left the show…so much has happened over the years and I love this show to bits that I have to not only watch it on the television each week but I have to own the seasons as well, I have saved enough for season 9 DVD and am eagerly waiting it’s arrival to shelves to see what they have put in as special features and who they will be interviewing….I also miss Spencers mom from time to time, I’ve noticed we haven’t really done much with her…I know she’s not a regular but after putting her in the spot light and his dad as well it would be nice to see what takes place…if she wants out of the show I would understand but if that’s the case in my opinion they should do a funeral scene for her and a day for Spencer maybe some clips of when he was a child…well I can’t wait to see it all unfold….till September all :D

  21. Barbara IcyQueen on said:

    I’d like to see Emily back and the whole lot, I mean it would be heartbreaking if Morgan, Reid, Hotch, JJ or Penelope left.

  22. Shanna Cline on said:

    I agree with you. The friendship they have is so great. I love that whether or not either of them are seeing anyone, they need to understand that their friendship will always be. I love it!

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