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Criminal Minds Is Set To Return For Its 10th Season

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Criminal Minds Is Set To Return For Its 10th SeasonFans of Shemar Moore and the show Criminal Minds can rejoice as CBS has provided a release date for the show’s 10th season! Criminal Minds show runner Erica Messer had some interesting things to say regarding the show’s next season, some of which may prove to be more exciting than even the release date itself.

First, although the full cast may be pictured, that doesn’t mean their fates are safe. The characters depicted may or may not be returning to Criminal Minds, and this leaves the surprise factor alive for fans eagerly awaiting the 10th season premier. On Tuesday, June 24th, CBS made the announcement that the new season will start on October 1st, to give the cast and crew a much deserved summer-long break before the exciting season 10 is slated to begin. Along with the show runner, several members of the cast were also interviewed recently, and what they had to say certainly did its job to drum up the excitement!

As fans know, some plotlines left knots untied after the season finale, and these loose ends will not be ignored for season 10. Actress A.J. Cook stated in a recent interview that “I will say that how Season 9 ends will directly impact Season 10…”, thereby leading fans to believe that the new season will pick up right where it left off, and give the fan base a satisfying conclusion to some of the storylines which may have questions needing answers.

In another interesting development, Joe Mantegna, who plays special agent David Rossi, will be responsible for directing an episode in the upcoming season, just as he did with episode 13 of season 9, titled “The Road Home”. The episode is to be filmed in mid-November, and Mantegna recently said in an interview that he expects it to air at some time right after the holidays in early 2015.

With all of the news circling around this new season, and the interviews being given by the cast and crew, there is quite a bit to get excited about right now for Criminal Minds fans!

35 comments on “Criminal Minds Is Set To Return For Its 10th Season
  1. skessa on said:

    Well, I am all excited for the next Season! Didn´t miss one Episode since the beginning of the show ;)

  2. Gloria Scott on said:

    I’m sure season 10 will be just as exciting as season 9. I will be anxiously awaiting.

  3. vskirk on said:

    I have to wait until October 10th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh the torture!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) I can’t wait!!! Love me some Criminal Minds, Shemar Moore and Thomas Gibson!! :)

  4. Sandra Montemarano Barbero on said:

    I have been watching cm since the beginning. .absolutely love all who have been part of the team..coming n going..

  5. Tahesha Gilliard on said:

    We all love criminal minds and of my favorite actor is of course Shemar Moore. His fine and sexy self ,but i agree with the date. They all need a break. Thanks for keeping us posted Shemar. Enjoy your summer and be proud of all the hard work you put in Criminal minds and “The bounce back movie”. Oh by the way, you look so good on your recent video you posted for all your baby girls, but you always look fine anyway.

  6. Leigh Dodd on said:

    I am so excited. Can’t get enough of the show and especially Shema moore. He is the main reason I watch and love the show. He is sexy. Can’t wait for the new season to begin.

  7. Bonita Wilson on said:

    I actually started watching because of Shemar Moore but soon learned to look forward to watching Criminal Minds!!
    I can’t wait for the new season!

  8. Laurie Hansen on said:

    I LOVE this show’s characters – PLEASE, PLEASE don’t drop any of these good actors! PLEASE!

  9. Pam Brummett Combs on said:

    Absolutely Love Criminal Minds and I’m so excited and can’t wait for season 10 and more Shemar <3

  10. Dev Singh on said:

    I have read somewhere that agent Blake has been replaced with Jennifer Love Hewitt. That would be Awesome. I dont hope that other castmemberz left thd crew.

  11. clara helen gkolias on said:

    I’m looking forward to another season of criminal Minds! I can’t wait to see all my fave cast members return and fight the unsubs as well!
    Good luck and Best Wishes on season 10.

  12. India Naeda Morales on said:

    I can’t wait to see it omg!!! I will be able to watch it cause my class is on a Monday yayyy <3 <3 <3

  13. Laura Fortin on said:

    OMG I have to wait until October…I don’t yhink I can wait that long… looking foward to Jennifer Love Hewitt joining. Loved her in Ghost Whisperer

  14. Joanne Pepers on said:

    OMG I only just found this site. I THINK I HAVE DIED AND GONE TO HEAVEN!!! In Australia we are not up to season 10 yet. Season 9 starts a a few weeks and i can’t wait. I love you so Shamar that I got some pics of you from facebook and designed my own coffer mug. My husvband likes you as he usualy get lucky after I watch Criminal Minds LOL

  15. Ann Caurthens on said:

    I am so excited I love criminal minds and can’t wait to see bounce back. Enjoy your summer

  16. Rivierra 83 on said:

    Cool i will be in San Francisco at this period, I hope i will see the first episode on TV :) A french Criminal Minds lover.

  17. Ingeborg on said:

    I can’t wait for season 10 great series with a super cast. hope they go here in Netherlands also broadcast in October

  18. Peggy Martinez on said:

    Can’t wait and Season 10 begins on my birthday! October is sooooo far away but I watch reruns just about every night! Love Criminal Minds and Shemar Moore is so sexy and gorgeous!!!

  19. Edie Jones on said:

    I can’t wait the suspense is liberating “patience is a virtue when it comes to this show” ;)

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