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Baby Girl Fashions To Take To The Beach This Summer

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Baby Girl Fashions To Take To The Beach This SummerAs most ladies know, a trip to the beach is just as much about fashion as it is about relaxation, and great beachwear embodies so much of what can be considered the hottest summer trends. Shemar Moore’s Baby Girl line has a wide variety of products that can be worn to the beach, and you never have to worry about sacrificing comfort for style!

One product that you may not think of for beach wear, but really works, is the Baby Girl Loose Tee. This is a tee with three-quarter sleeves, which isn’t typically what you’d consider for summer beachwear, but its loose fit and edgy neckline works perfectly for a breezy cover up. The neckline on this tee is cut in a way that shows off the shoulder, so your bathing suit top will get a cute peek-a-boo effect when worn as a cover up top. Also, since the fit is loose, the ocean breeze will be able to cut through the material of the top to give you a very sexy beach look whether you’re walking through the sand or relaxing on your favorite chair.

The three-quarter sleeves, which aren’t normally found on beachwear tops, can also really come in handy. It’s not rare to have a day relaxing on the shore, when the ocean is particularly cool, where you find yourself a little chilly. With a tank, you can be left uncomfortable when you should be relaxing, but the sleeves on the Baby Girl Loose Tee will keep you warm when you need it, and cool when you want it, so you can eliminate your worries and just focus on total relaxation!

For beachwear bottoms, it doesn’t get much better than the Baby Girl Booty Shorts. Just like the Loose Tees, these pieces on the Baby Girl Apparel line come in an incredible amount of color combinations, so you can mix and match to find your perfect beach ensemble. When looking for bottom cover up pieces, shorts are the easiest and most comfortable option in beachwear. These shorts were designed with an ever-stylish retro look in mind, and they give homage to the classic running and skating shorts of the 1970’s. Made entirely out of breathable cotton, these are shorts that can also keep you cool and comfortable on even the hottest beaches, and they’re easy to wash as well! If that ice cream melts a little too quickly, or you just can’t wait to jump into that ocean, these can be tossed right in to the washer and dryer to be ready for the next day’s adventure.

With Baby Girl, you can create your ideal lazy beach day ensemble, and you never need to worry about trying to relax while wearing uncomfortable clothes. The next time you’re at the beach, take Baby Girl with you to stay fresh and fabulous all day long!

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  1. Trisha Carey on said:

    So is this clothing line just for the skinny girls or do the fluffier ones of us have a shot at it too?

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