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The 5 Directors Shemar Moore Loves

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The 5 Directors Shemar Moore LovesWhile the actors and actresses often get the credit for making a film what it is, the director is the one sitting behind the scenes and carrying out his or her vision. Directors are the ones who craft each and every scene you see on screen, and they can give the cast what they need to convey the emotions you feel when watching a show or film. As an actor, Shemar Moore knows the importance of great direction, and he has some excellent picks of his own when it comes to favorite directors. Some of Shemar’s favorite directors are:

  • Coen Brothers – The Coen brothers, made up of Joel David Coen and Ethan Jesse Coen, are multiple Academy Award winning directors who have been credited with such critically acclaimed films as True Grit, Fargo, The Big Lebowski, and No Country for Old Men. Their work in the film industry dates back to the early 1980’s, and many of their works become classic pieces of film to inspire future generations.
  • JJ Abrams – JJ Abrams is a master of both film and television, and he is most often associated with the smash hit show Lost. Not only does he direct works, but he is credited as a producer as well, and much of his work has amassed both critical and commercial success.
  • Ridley Scott – Ridley Scott has been nominated for multiple Academy Awards and Golden Globes going back as early as 1992. Some of his film works include Black Hawk Down, Gladiator, and GI Jane, but he has contributed to a great deal of television as well.
  • Michael Mann – Like Ridley Scott and JJ Abrams, Michael Mann is another of Shemar Moore’s favorites who has contributed to both excellent television programs as well as films. His film works such as The Aviator and Ali have seen critical and commercial success, but one cannot discredit his television work which includes hits such as Miami Vice and Crime Story.
  • Antoine Fuqua – Nominated for multiple awards is Antoine Fuqua, whose films and documentaries are known for creating a thrilling experience. Some of his works include Training Day and Olympus Has Fallen, garnering him big box office success.

A great director can turn any film into one that gives the audience a true experience, and Shemar Moore’s picks are perfect examples of this. From humor to thrills, these directors and their works can give an audience a huge range of emotions sure to have them coming back for more.

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    How can I get a movie idea to Shemar Moore? He’d be perfect to star and direct! I saw the movie in a dream and it was hilarious and I’ve never been so inspired to bring something to life! It starred you (Shemar Moore), Loni Love and Eddie Murphy as Loni’s mother. So so so funny. I would love to tell you all about it! Any suggestions/guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. is my anonymous email address.

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