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Filming For Criminal Minds Season 10 Has Begun

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Filming For Criminal Minds Season 10 Has BegunIt’s time for Criminal Minds fans to get excited, as the much anticipated season 10 of the show has begun the filming stages! The show’s official Twitter page recently posted a couple of pictures from the set, and these photos have been creating quite the buzz with fans eagerly anticipating October and the start of the new season.

On top of these photos, the show’s creators and cast have been dropping little Easter egg hints as well regarding the start of the 10th season and what may be in store for the characters and their fans. The actress AJ Cook, who plays Jennifer Jareau, has even gone as far as saying that the show will essentially pick up right where it left off in terms of the season 9 finale into the season 10 premier. Fans worried about certain loose ends not being tied up at the end of the season have something to be pleased about as well, as cast members have confirmed that the unanswered questions we were left with in season 9 will get the attention they deserve during the course of season 10.

Now on to the highly buzzed about pictures! The one picture that has been garnering the most attention is one that was captioned by the show’s Twitter account with, “Don’t mind us, just airing some dirty laundry. #criminalminds #Bleach #October EP 10×01 Day 6 of 8.” What the picture shows is what appears to be something of a wash tub and sink station placed in what could be some type of warehouse-like building, and resting inside of the washtub, as well as underneath, are bloody articles of clothing and pieces of linen. According to the Criminal Minds Twitter caption of the photo, the image depicts a scene from the season 10 premier, but just about everything else is left up to the imagination.

A couple other images have been leaked by CBS as well, but none have gotten fans as excited as the gory washtub photo, and the cast, including Shemar Moore, have been quiet on the subject so far. No doubt Shemar Moore is as excited as we are to see this premier episode come together, making it no wonder why such spoilers have been avoided! Do you have any ideas as to what the images may be showing?


10 comments on “Filming For Criminal Minds Season 10 Has Begun
  1. Cynthia on said:

    No matter what’s in store, I know it will be great. I simply love Criminal Minds! Thank you for such a wonderful show.

  2. kay2the2nd on said:

    totally excited for season 10, but hopeful that the cast’s excellent acting skills rub off on Jennifer Love Hewitt, not the other way round.
    Adding her to the cast seems like jumping the shark.

  3. Kathy Spence on said:

    Can’t wait….. Love your show, but sometimes I can’t watch it cause it SCARES ME…… BURY ALIVE, CAN’T STAND THAT……

  4. Edyta on said:

    I am a huge fan, you make this show alive, but I like everyone in a cast, because you represent different personalities this is what make show good plus great script etc., That’s way last year about Nov. I dedicated one of poem to all of you. With you in mind my poem was not only published, by Eber & Wein PA, but, also was moved to another contest and became semifinalist on top that were recorded on CD, as far, as I know, by Al Rose. So I would like to congratulate you, because I had been watching this show because you’re on it, then I fell in love, with all of you and how this show is done I LOVE U ! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you:) Edyta

    Here is my poem

    “Happy Hunting”

    I hunt people
    Because they are mad.
    I hunt people
    Because they are bad.
    I hunt people
    To make others safer.
    I hunt people
    To make our world a better place to live.
    I am hunting to let you know
    That our lives are
    Most of the time all about choices:
    good, bad, sometimes very sad,
    But each of them
    Gave us a learning lesson,
    Doesn’t matter which one we are going to have.
    Every time we are getting
    stronger, wiser and caution too,
    As long as we listen to ourselves,
    Those experience won’t be forgotten.
    Those experiences will be…

    Build-in our character for rest of our lives.

    EGL (Edyta Greta Lapinski) *** copy rights

  5. Sonya Calvin on said:

    I absolutely love criminal minds. I watch the shows anytime I can. Looking forward to the new season! The entire cast is amazing!

  6. Jessica Nieves on said:

    How come since really getting into criminal minds its made me very paranoid and scared things like that in the show can really happen in real life i lock my car doors so no one can sneak n my back seats and try to kill me its a great show it has me looking at the world in a very diff way

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