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Having A Shemar Moore Inspired Movie Night

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Having A Shemar Moore Inspired Movie NightAs an actor himself, Shemar Moore is a big movie fan, and his collection of favorites includes a film for every occasion! Whether you’re planning on throwing a movie night with friends, a night to relax at home, or you need something to watch during date night, his picks include a great film perfect for you!

If you’re looking to grab the popcorn, invite a few friends over, and have a night of laughs, Shemar’s pick Friday is the film for you! Although the movie will be turning 20 in 2015, the themes and jokes are just as relevant and hilarious today as they were the day it came out, and Ice Cube as well as Chris Tucker’s unmatched comedic timing in the film can never get old. The film follows the antics of the two main characters, Craig and Smokey, over the course of a single day and night in their Los Angeles neighborhood, along with all their encounters with a vast array of different eccentric friends and neighbors.

If you’re looking for a date night film that will really tug at your heartstrings, When a Man Loves a Woman is one of Shemar’s favorites. Starring Meg Ryan and Andy Garcia, the film follows a couple through their issues with addiction, challenges raising their daughter, and using their love of one another to gain strength and make it through. Nominated for a SAG award and 2 MTV Movie Awards in 1995, this is one date night classic.

In those times when you’re looking to be brought to the edge of your seat, another of Shemar’s picks is Cape Fear. Directed by Martin Scorsese, and nominated for both Oscars and Golden Globes in multiple categories in 1992, the film follows a convicted rapist upon release from prison, who then decides to go after the family of the lawyer charged with his defense.

If something more historical is what you’re after, Saving Private Ryan is a true classic and one of Shemar Moore’s favorites. Praised for its accuracy, and the winner of 5 Oscars, Saving Private Ryan follows a group of WWII soldiers tasked with recovering a lost soldier and bringing him home after the rest of his troop is killed in action. Filled with heart pumping scenes of war and heartfelt moments, this is one film that can really open your eyes to the realities of the time.

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    These are all excellent suggestions! One of my co- workers is a huge fan of yours. She will be celebrating 15 years with the company in September. Is it possible to get an autographed pic, congratulating her on 15 years of service?

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