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Pairing A Suit With The Right Sunglasses

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Pairing A Suit With The Right SunglassesFor men, pairing a suit with sunglasses can create a very chic look, and Shemar Moore proves this time and time again. When trying to pair sunglasses with a suit, it is always important to pay attention to a few key points to ensure your style stays sophisticated and fashion forward, as pairing the wrong combination can actually set your look back. Some things to pay attention to when pairing sunglasses with more formal wear are:

  • The style of the suit – It is always best to base the sunglasses on the suit, rather than the other way around, as the accessories should be used to flatter the outfit. If you are wearing a classic suit to a particular occasion, try pairing the suit with a more classic style of sunglasses in order to keep the same style at the forefront. For modern cut suits and those with more of a flashy flair, you can accessorize these pieces with more modern styles of sunglasses or statement pieces which highlight a more whimsical look.
  • Face shape – It’s always important to pay attention to face shape when choosing sunglasses, and this rule still applies when pairing the pieces with formal wear. An ill-fitting or ill-suited pair of sunglasses can destroy the style element of the outfit, so it is always best to determine your face shape and seek out shades which are able to compliment your facial features.
  • Quality – A poor quality pair of sunglasses can actually downplay the quality of the suit, and just as you would never pair a poor quality pair of shoes with an expensive suit, the same can be said for eyewear. If you are looking to wear a particularly expensive and well-tailored piece, make sure that the sunglasses you choose have the same style and quality elements to ensure a complete and refined look.

Shemar Moore has mastered the art of pairing sunglasses with a suit, and you can as well if you just know what to look for and what to avoid in terms of this type of accessorizing. If you pay close attention to the style of the suit, the shape of your face, and the quality of the accessory, you can be well on your way to capturing Shemar’s style in no time!

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