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Sporting Tennis Shoes For Summer

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Sporting Tennis Shoes For SummerTennis shoes are versatile, and that’s no secret, which is why Shemar Moore often picks them as some of his most favorite types of footwear! A crisp tennis shoe can be worn with a suit, a dress, a pair of shorts, jeans, and to the gym, all while remaining as classic and fashionable as the person wearing them! Some great ways to incorporate tennis shoes in to your style are:

• With a suit – With a suit, tennis shoes can really either make or break the ensemble. For an edgier look, or a look more focused on modern fashion, a pair of clean tennis shoes can give a “devil may care” appeal to the entire outfit, and take the suit down a notch in order to appear less formal. This look is ideal if one is attending a more casual wedding or having a nice dinner in a restaurant that may not be completely formal in dress code!

Jeans and tennis shoes go hand in hand, and even a more dressed-up pair of jeans can be well accented with a shiny new pair. For a sporty and casual look with a more refined appeal, try pairing a crisp button down shirt and pair of fresh jeans with clean white tennis shoes, and the bonus is you can feel completely comfortable while looking undoubtedly stylish!

• With a skirt – For the ladies, a casual skirt can be paired with tennis shoes to give a dressed-up yet casual style element, and this can be done in a variety of ways. For summer, a light and low cut pair of tennis shoes can go well with the maxi skirt trend, and you can even walk all day without feeling a hint of discomfort.

• With shorts – When pairing tennis shoes with shorts, it’s important to take note of how high the tennis shoes rise. It’s always best to choose a pair that go as low as possible on the ankle, and this can give a highly fashionable and sporty look while keeping you completely comfortable.

Shemar Moore is great at pairing tennis shoes with a myriad of different looks, and you can be, too, if you know just what to pair with what!


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