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Shemar Moore’s Top 5 Artists That You Should Give A Listen To

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Shemar Moore’s Top 5 Artists That You Should Give A Listen ToIt’s well known that Shemar Moore is a big lover of music, and his tastes touch into each and every genre. When crafting a Shemar Moore inspired playlist, or simply looking for some new artists to enjoy, Shemar’s picks give a whole lot of variety in terms of mood and style, so you can have a little something to relax with no matter what genre you may be feeling on any particular day! Shemar’s top 5 artists that you should give a listen to are:

  1. John Legend – John Legend is one artist that can really provide a talent that goes soul deep in terms of the music he writes and performs. Along with his own original works, he also adds his flair to the works of other artists as well, and he can be heard on albums belonging to Alicia Keys, Kanye West, Fort Miner, and Lauryn Hill along with many more. With 4 albums and 9 Grammy awards under his belt, he also provides a nicely sized critically acclaimed library of music to choose from!
  2. Phil Collins – If you’re looking for something a bit more classic, Phil Collins is the way to go. Collins is a true legend, from his time spent with the band Genesis to his solo works, making it no wonder why he is one of Shemar Moore’s favorite artists. The beauty of Phil Collins’s music is that he touches upon several different genres himself, with soft rock, progressive, big band, and jazz influences, so you can get a taste of a vast number of different genres and emotions from listening to a single album.
  3. Tupac Shakur – For hip hop fans, it doesn’t get much better than Tupac Shakur in terms of brilliant writing and legendary talent. Shemar Moore, and many others, have found that Shakur’s clever and poignant songwriting skills truly speak to generation after generation of individuals, and his wordplay is something to be admired.
  4. Stevie Ray Vaughn – If you’re feeling the blues, there is no sound sweeter than the wailing of Stevie Ray Vaughn’s guitar. Considered one of the most influential and inspiring electric guitarists in all of modern blues, Vaughn was both a singer and a songwriter, as well as a producer, who was credited with ushering in the revival of what was to become modern blues music.
  5. Eminem – Another hip hop choice, but a bit different than Tupac Shakur, is Eminem, who is one of the most widely successful and best-selling hip hop artists of all time. Eminem was able to bring rap music to a wider audience than ever before, and his clever, witty, and hard hitting songwriting style is well known throughout the world.


14 comments on “Shemar Moore’s Top 5 Artists That You Should Give A Listen To
  1. shannon on said:

    I think you have some great picks there sexyman…u should check out ed sheeran ..I seem to be hooked on his funky style…definitely worth a listen…bruno him…and sooooo many more…but definitely check out “dont” by ed sheeran…i challenge ur dance skills any day of the

  2. Tahesha Gilliard on said:

    Love Phil Collins and John Legend. Back in the day i use to listen to Eminem and Tupac. I have to say Eminem is one of kind, if not one of the best, the best rappers in my time. He can flow lyrically. Have to check out Steve Ray Vaughn though.

  3. Leah Reynolds on said:

    I knew you were meant to be my next hubby. lol You can’t get any better then Tupac. I would love to see how he would of been with dickheads like Kanya West.

  4. Rebekah Cheeseman on said:

    Don’t know 3 and 4 but the others are great. I grew up listening to Phil Collins as well as Eric Clapton santana and pink Floyd, that sort of thing. :)

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