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Making A Meal For White Wine

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Making A Meal For White WineWhite wine is a big favorite for Shemar Moore, and pairing this wine with different foods and desserts can be easy if you know just what to look for. Some foods go better with white wines than others, and once these are realized, you can be preparing meals that would entice even Shemar himself with your delectable combinations.

If you’ve got a bottle of champagne that you’re looking to pop the cork on, try making something a little salty to go with. Like many white wines, champagne has a certain sweetness element to it that allows it to contrast perfectly with salty elements, giving a complete flavor profile sure to impress even the most refined palettes.

If the white of your choice is a pino grigio, making it a seafood night might be just the ticket. Because this is a particularly delicate variation of white wine, pairing it with a light white fish is ideal if you’re looking to bring out all of the flavor notes of both the dish and the vino. You may even realize that the flavor of the wine is able to bring out more flavors in the traditionally light fish, giving your taste buds a treat they may not have been expecting.

No meal is complete without dessert, and there are white wines that perfectly compliment these sweeter courses as well. For example, if you are having a fruit based dessert a Moscato d’Asti or an Asti Spumante can really bring out the natural fruit flavors in the dessert to give it a more fresh appeal. If your dessert is chocolate based, try to find a white wine that has a higher sugar content than the chocolate itself, and aim for making the beverage sweeter than the food. For instance, the same Moscato d’Asti that pairs so well with a fruit dessert course can also go perfectly well with a dessert with a white chocolate base.

With a few tips, you can begin pairing white wines with just about any dish, and as Shemar Moore knows, there is a lot that can be done with the right white wine!

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  1. Maite Lara on said:

    No esta mal. Soy española y eso quiere decir que conozco y amo los buenos vinos, así que yo sugiero vino de aguja para los mariscos “Blanc Pescador” o un buen vino turbio “Ribeiro” en cuanto al Champán (Francia) o Cava en Catalunya esta bien para postre.

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