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The Inspirational Martin Luther King Jr

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The Inspirational Martin Luther King JrOne of Shemar Moore’s most treasured inspiration figures is none other than Martin Luther King Jr, and many know just how influential of a person he was in terms of strength in the face of adversity and just what impact he made on American history. What Martin Luther King Jr represents to many people of all colors in this day and age is a face of bravery which proves that anything is possible if you have the heart to change the things wrong with the world, and when you learn a little bit about Martin Luther King Jr, it’s no wonder why Shemar holds him in such high regard.

While he may have been best known as a civil rights activist, Martin Luther King Jr was also a pastor, a humanitarian, and a leader to all of those who faced the challenges associated with the civil rights movement. He was able to use his skills to instill courage into people when it came to fighting for what was right, and he upheld this position all the way until his death in 1968.

What is most admirable about the work of Martin Luther King Jr is his stance on non-violence in what was seemingly a very violent world when it came to civil rights. Not only was he able to give the passion to pursue the right side of history to those looking to improve civil rights, but he was able to do so in a peaceful and inspiring way; something that many strive to do even in today’s modern age.

Shemar Moore credits Martin Luther King Jr. for inspiring him to reach for his dreams and his goals no matter what obstacles may be in his way, and he still refers to the teachings that Martin Luther King Jr had to offer when times look tough. By learning more about Martin Luther King Jr, you too can use his teachings to inspire you to be your best person, just as Shemar Moore does each day.

8 comments on “The Inspirational Martin Luther King Jr
  1. Elyce Grossman on said:

    A superb & wonderful role model! Dr. King is an inspiration to all people, regardless of color, ethnicity, gender or religion! This shows us fans a much deeper & intellectual side of SM! I knew he was more than just a stone fox! I can’t wait for Season 10!

  2. Kim Smith on said:

    I have so many things to say about Martin Luther King Jr. More than everything that anyone could say about him, I believe he dearly loved the human race–all of us. He poured his whole heart into more than a movement. He was financially, legally, and spiritually intelligent with the means to reform poverty into a ground breaking richness for those who had no hope before his planning. His plans spanned across the ocean to Africa and other continents to rebuild life and give wealth back to those who deserved it. He was larger than life. God instilled within him such gifts that were way beyond his time. He was blessed to the fullest and wished to serve the world with those gifts. His life was extinguished for this but not his dreams. Not his plans. We see him everyday somewhere. His light sparkles and shines, shoots across the skies and blesses us with his richness.

  3. Joycie Joyce Hart on said:

    Amazing that I’ve always felt the same way about Martin Luther King Jr. Because my father being a pastor as well I understand how important it is to say things in a positive and inspiring way to lift people up because that is what God would display if he was a person. I love how your mind works Shemar because I think along the same ways as you do, of positivity and peace. You make me more inspired everyday! Keep it up.

  4. Joy Jackson on said:

    MLK represents what the world so desperately needs much more of, PEACE and LOVE amongst all cultures..

  5. claudia barnswell on said:

    The Honorable Martin Luther King Jr. stood for something that this world needs more of. His teachings inspire me as well and I quote a lot of his sayings to people around me constantly.

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