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Shemar Moore Returns For Two Very Special Episodes Of The Young And The Restless

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Shemar Moore Returns For Two Very Special Episodes Of The Young And The RestlessIn new and exciting news for fans of Shemar Moore and The Young and the Restless, the actor is coming back to film two very special episodes which will air sometime in September! Reprising his role as Malcolm Winters, Shemar is going to return to the show that shot him into the public spotlight for the filming of two very special episodes sure to delight his fans and fans of the show everywhere!

Shemar Moore starred on the very popular TV soap for 10 years, from 1995 to 2005, as Malcolm Winters, and left only to pursue his mega hit starring role on Criminal Minds. He credits his long-time role on the show with allowing him his lustrous 20 year career, and says that the cast are like his second family. When interviewed by People, Shemar said, “”There is not a 20-year career without Malcolm Winters. This is my second family. I don’t take any of it for granted. I’ve been wanting to do this since I left.”

The reprising of his classic role is drumming up excitement with Shemar Moore fans and The Young and the Restless fans alike, and those who got to know Shemar watching Criminal Minds can watch these two episodes to catch a very special glimpse of just where Shemar got his start. Shemar Moore’s return to the show is expected to garner some new interest in the program as fans of all of his projects can catch his episodes, and then potentially become The Young and the Restless fans themselves!

For fans of Shemar’s work on the show, there is a really great scene that Shemar has given clues to, in which he has a discussion regarding Drucilla with his on-screen brother Neil. Neil is played by Kristoff St. John and fans of The Young and the Restless know there are some old loose ends to tie up regarding their relationship, and their relationships with Neil’s former wife who was once played by Victoria Rowell.

For fans of Shemar Moore, catching him in this classic role is a must, and The Young and the Restless fans are eager to finally have this scene between Neil and Malcolm play out on their television screens. The episodes are slated to air on September 10th and 11th, and this is a role that any Shemar Moore fan won’t want to miss!

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  1. Though I have not been a soap series fan, I have seen you on criminal minds and feel in love with your character, I often wondered are you anything like that in person. I hopes this brings more fans your way, congrats!

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