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A Shemar Moore Playlist To Pump You Up At The Gym

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A Shemar Moore Playlist To Pump You Up At The GymShemar Moore’s incredible physique is no secret to his fans, and particularly his female fans, but getting in shape Shemar style will take some tunes to get your mood right for the best workout of your life. Taking along your music player to the gym is a great way to stay pumped up and inspired throughout even the most vigorous physical activity, and when you use Shemar Moore’s playlist picks, you can be on your way to reaching a level of physical perfection that even Shemar will be impressed with!

One playlist pick that Shemar loves is Aerosmith, and this classic rock band has been pumping up its fans since the 1970’s. Aerosmith has a plethora of albums, singles, and lesser known tracks to choose from, and each have the powerful vocals and screaming guitars to help you to push yourself to the limit while at the gym. Because the band’s library is so varied and vast, this is an excellent pick for anyone with any sort of musical taste, as there will always be a track to choose from and new music to discover!

If you’re looking to get a little funky with your workout, Prince may be the perfect addition to your playlist picks. Prince, much like Aerosmith, has a library that spans many decades, and you can find everything from your next favorite slow-down jam to the ultimate track to pump you up during a marathon. What makes Prince a particularly great pick is the eclectic mix of inspirations, instruments, and vocal techniques on any given album, so you can find a track you’ll love no matter what.

Guns & Roses is another one of Shemar’s favorite choices, and this is a band that is perfect for when you’re pushing yourself on the treadmill or lifting those weights. Guns & Roses is typically a heavier choice, but one that uses the passion you’ll need to push yourself to the next level.

When you want to work out like Shemar, it’s great to have some musical inspiration to draw from. These picks can help you to get pumped up at the gym and work to your best you, all while being reminded of Shemar’s inspiration!

13 comments on “A Shemar Moore Playlist To Pump You Up At The Gym
  1. Melanie White on said:

    Shemar Moore is an inspiration to many people..he has inspired me a lot in life..I see how far he has come in life and it makes me wanna push for good things in life

  2. Lindy W. on said:

    Love Guns & Roses, Aerosmith. When I workout I prefer dance beats, it helps me stay more focused; I can time my reps better.
    Madison Avenue – Don’t call me baby
    Buck cherry – Lit up
    To name a few

    • I like to mix it up from time to time..but a regular workout list for me is Pantera. I took over my kiids DVD I bought her — greatest hits . its freak in awesome to box/.kickbox to. : }

  3. Lena Gonzales-Marlow on said:

    Shemar you give inspiration to all walks of life. I’m glad to see a person who isn’t prejudice to body type. That in itself inspires me. Your play list is fantastic. I’ve always listened to those bands! Thank you for being you and being true! <3

  4. karen payne on said:


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