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The Many Health Benefits Of White Wine

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White wine is one of Shemar Moore’s favorite beverages to relax with, but what many don’t know is the health benefits associated with the wine. In recent years, many studies have been done on red wines regarding their health benefits, but the benefits of white wines are beginning to come into the light as well. Shemar Moore takes pride in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and physique, as he also loves a bit of the light vino, and you can do these things simultaneously as well when you learn about some of the benefits that white wines have to offer.

White wine shares many of the same health benefits as red wines, and these include helping to prevent certain cancers, and being packed full of antioxidants. White wine is made from grapes just as a red wine would be, albeit a different type of grape, which allows you all of the health benefits that these tasty little fruits have to offer in a delicious and relaxing form. A recent study done out of Barcelona recently found that white wines may even have higher antioxidant properties than red wines, although it seems red wines continue to get much of the credit!

Not only are white wines filled with antioxidants and great for cancer prevention, but they also help the heart from aging prematurely as well. Many white wines contain properties that help in ventricular recovery, which means helping the heart to repair itself from damage, and this leads to the stopping of premature aging in the heart as the organ is better able to repair itself.

White wines have also been found to help folks on the path to weight loss, with one study coming out of Germany showing that the low calorie benefits of white wine help drinkers to get their fill without worrying about tacking on extra weight. Along with white wine in the study was Champagne, which was found to have all of the benefits of white wine in other areas but an even lower calorie count.

Lastly, white wine has been proven to aid in brain health as well, particulary varieties that include phenolic acid. Phenolic acid is a compound that helps to give the brain a way to repair itself, and aids greatly in preventing dementia and Alzheimer’s disease when the wine is consumed around 3 times per week.

Shemar Moore loves white wine, and for more than simply the taste! White wine presents many benefits to the body, and you can stay in great health while living like Shemar Moore when you pop open your favorite bottle of white!

2 comments on “The Many Health Benefits Of White Wine
  1. claudia barnswell on said:

    I know that white wine has its benefits but I personally prefer the red wine, albeit, dry red. Hey Mar, when we eventually have our dinner date you can have your white wine, whilst I will have the red.

  2. Oh my gosh, we are soul mates. Too bad I’m already married. Oh well, you can come be my personal trainer and we can share wine together after. It’s going to be a big project for you, so, I’ll buy!

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