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New Developments In Helping To Fight MS

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New Developments In Helping To Fight MSShemar Moore’s Baby Girl line contributes a great deal to MS research, and this is a cause that is one of the dearest to Shemar. MS has no known cure, but medical scientists are working hard each and every day to not only change this for those suffering from the disease, but to educate MS sufferers and their family members on how best to live with the disease while maintaining the best possible quality of life. Funds, much like those that Shemar has given to MS research, are the driving force to finding a cure for MS, and science is coming up with new clues, new advancements, and new developments each and every day that show just how greatly this financial help is aiding MS research.

One such development that science debuted within the last week is one that may come from a very unexpected source. On August 11th of 2014 scientists out of Monash University discovered a molecule found in parasitic worms that has the ability to treat various autoimmune diseases much like MS. This peptide found in parasitic worms can help to curb the body’s immune response when it comes to attacking things that shouldn’t be attacked, and medical scientists believe that incorporating this peptide in new medications can help to suppress symptoms associated with auto-immune diseases like MS.

In another new groundbreaking development released in July of this year, medical scientists believe that treating MS with cell therapy may be closer than ever. In this study, researchers found that with an accelerated protocol, certain stem cells can help those suffering with MS to replace their own natural cells destroyed by the disease, thereby turning back the clock on the disease’s own progression.

While these are just two of the many developments found by medical science regarding the treatment and stopping the progression of MS, new findings are being released each and every day. Without the support of organizations like The National Multiple Sclerosis Society, these findings wouldn’t be possible, which is why Shemar Moore places so much effort into making sure research has the funds it needs. When you purchase from Shemar’s Baby Girl line, you too can help to find new developments in the cure for MS, thereby helping to support a cause very dear to Shemar Moore’s heart.

7 comments on “New Developments In Helping To Fight MS
  1. Nathalie Devot on said:

    That is great news!!! We have come such a long way in stem cell research!!! It will really be a life changing event when we will be able to say: we have a cure for MS!!! In the meantime, supporting the cause the best way I can!! Thank you for all that you do Shemar… I don’t have MS but I know people who do and I can tell you, your efforts are greatly appreciated!!! Much love to you and your mom! God Bless!!

  2. Leslie Hernandez on said:

    My husband was diagnosed with MS in 2011, a year after retiring from 21 years in the US Army. It has been a difficult adjustment, but we try not to let it get in our way. We live in Alaska, so we try to go on as many adventures as we can. We were startled to learn that of the people diagnosed with MS in the US, some 10% of those are Veterans…and those are numbers just from the VA…it is unknown how many vets are being treated for MS outside of the VA. Thank you for everything you do…not only to help your mom, but to help them all.

  3. Armygirl35 on said:

    There is a professor at my college that has MS, he has said he will teach until he can no longer move. Big inspiration for the students.

  4. Kittyangel Judy on said:

    o.m.g. That is absolutely great news. All your hard work for finding a cure looks like it is finally paying off. Thank God for you and your Baby Girl line.

  5. Kephanie Kramer on said:

    My mother was diagnosed with MS 4 years ago. She had a brain tumor that was removed and the doctors believed it had triggered the MS. I just want to say thank you for everything you have done and still doing. You give my mom such great hope. So thank you!!

  6. Tricia Montanez on said:

    I will admit that my knowledge of MS is very limited. I apologize in advance if my post is nothing but old information. I have a close friend that is a Physical Therapist. His office is next door to the top Neurosurgeons in our area. A few months ago, the leading neurosurgeon came to him and wanted to talk to him about a new product. As he tried to respectfully decline, the neurosurgeon stopped him and simply said, “Think about it, do I need the money?” This got him thinking and he is now using this product and I have started as well. This product does not claim to be a cure for anything, and the only specific claim that it makes is that it has been proven to be as effective as the medication for MS. The name of the product is Protandim. I apologize if I should not be posting this, but the information behind the product makes sense. I don’t sell the product and have no motivation other than to inform people that could potentially benefit from it. There are several YouTube videos on it and they do have a website. It is only $40 a month, which is less than some vitamins. It is a natural product and the info makes sense. I am sure different people will have different results from it and I welcome any feedback if anyone has tried it. Good luck to all of you that have been affected by this disease.

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