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Shemar Moore In Production For New Film

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Shemar Moore In Production For New FilmShemar Moore’s big IndieGoGo supported project titled The Bounce Back has finally come up with a release date to the delight of all of Shemar’s fans. The Bounce Back is a project that Shemar Moore funded, produced, and had a hand in every step with, and this is something that he’s been very proud of for quite some time now. Currently in post-production, fans can start to get excited that they’ll be able to watch Shemar’s new film very soon with a slated release date of Valentine’s Day weekend of 2015!

The Valentine’s Day release proves that The Bounce Back is the perfect date night movie, and this doesn’t even need to refer to a romantic date night, but a girls’ night out as well! The film follows a relationship expert on a publicity tour for his new book, and it’s here that he meets another relationship professional who doesn’t think so highly of his expert status. Their rivalry goes on in the film, but things start to get complicated when they begin falling for each other in a very unexpected way. Shemar Moore stars in the film as the self-proclaimed relationship expert Matthew Taylor, and his professional rival is played by none other than Nadine Velazquez of Flight fame where she starred alongside Denzel Washington.

Shemar Moore’s IndieGoGo Campaign to raise funds for the film started way back in 2013, when he came up with the idea and asked fans to help to bring it to fruition. The campaign rose over $630,000 to help the film to be produced and distributed, and you’ll soon be able to see all of the fruits of the campaign and Shemar’s labor when the film hits theaters next year!

With a long and lustrous career spanning 20 years, this is Shemar’s first foray into production of a feature film, and he couldn’t be more proud of the result, and more confident that his fans will absolutely love what he and his team have been able to create. Whether you plan on taking a special someone out for a romantic evening, or you’re going to spend Valentine’s Day with your girls, this is a must-see film for any Shemar Moore fan!


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