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Repping Baby Girl This Fall

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Repping Baby Girl This FallShemar Moore’s Baby Girl line has a great deal of items for ladies everywhere looking to show off their love of Shemar Moore, and you can take your favorite Baby Girl pieces into the coming fall season with ease! Your favorite pieces you’ve been wearing all summer can be accessorized with some warmer wardrobe staples to create fall looks that would even have Shemar Moore impressed, and the top 5 ways to rep Baby Girl this fall are:

  1. Baby Girl Loose Tee – This tee is great for transitioning from summer to fall, as it has a longer length and more comfortable fit which can be paired with just about any fall attire. The off-the shoulder look is great for pairing with a comfy tank, and the three quarter sleeves help to keep you warmer when the weather begins to get that ever familiar chill!
  2. Baby Girl Tank Top – While the Baby Girl Tank Top may have been your go-to staple during the summer months, you don’t have to stop wearing it once fall starts to set in! The length and cut of this tank top is perfect for pairing with a cute hoodie or short cardigan, and the asymmetrical hemline down at the bottom will still be visible to give your whole look a trendier appeal.
  3. Baby Girl T-Shirts – A T-shirt is an all-year round staple, and the Baby Girl tees from Shemar’s line are no exception. For the fall, these T-shirts pair excellently with an over layer, much like the Baby Girl Tank Tops, and you can keep your Baby Girl logo on display while keeping warm when you pair the top with a hooded sweatshirt, cardigan, or button up shirt. The great length of the shirts also helps to keep your lower back and stomach warm no matter what activities may fill up your day.
  4. Baby Girl Nightie – Sleep can also be known as the “big cool down” as your body cools its inner temperatures to prepare for much needed rest. For fall, Shemar Moore’s Baby Girl Nightie line is perfect for giving your skin the cooling off it needs, and the fabric is comfy enough to get you cozy in your sheets with ease!
  5. 5. Baby Girl Snapback Cap – Caps and hats are one part of fall fashion that many women love to incorporate, and Shemar’s Baby Girl line of snapback caps are the perfect pieces to take you in to the next season. These caps are adjustable to suit any fit, and they’ll help to keep your head warm when the weather begins to cool down.

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