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Baseball Hats Are “In” This Season According To Shemar Moore

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Shemar Moore is the top mind behind the Baby Girl apparel line, so you know that he knows a thing or two about fashion and clothing. If you’ve ever seen footage of him at a red carpet event or getting an award, you know that he is a stylish man.

However, even the most chic and put together man can have some timeless, classic favorites. One of the accessories that Shemar loves is the baseball hat. While it’s true that the baseball cap won’t go with every outfit, it’s a unique slice of Americana that’s special to him.

Sure, you can wear a baseball hat in order to show your loyalty to your favorite team, but it goes beyond that. A baseball hat is sporty and practical, keeping the sun out of your eyes while it looks cool and versatile.


In Warm Or Cool Weather, A Baseball Hat Makes A Man Look More At Ease

There are thirty Major League Baseball teams altogether, and Shemar has followed each of them at one time or another — though he has his favorites, including classic teams like the Oakland As with Jose Canseco.

A man can wear current baseball hats or those with older logos in order to show his knowledge and interest in the history of his favorite sport. Likewise, he can wear them at different times that others might not expect in order to make a statement.

With so many Major League teams out there, there are enough baseball hats to wear a different one every day — and once you include local teams, there are countless variations to choose from.

A baseball hat is something classic and all-American, but it can also make a man look and feel more relaxed and confident. Plenty of people have great memories that have to do with baseball, and you can call these up when you wear a baseball hat.


Baseball Hats Are Part Of The Baby Girl Line, Too

Women look great when they choose to wear baseball hats, too. Baseball hats can look great with long or mid-length hair. The style of the hat lends itself to making a statement in a small space.

Shemar’s online shop includes a number of “limited edition” baseball hats that have some great designs. There’s sure to be even more to choose from as the line grows. Ladies should check them out for a fun and playful look!


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