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Martin Luther King Is One Of Shemar’s Biggest Influences

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I Have a Dream - Martin Luther King

Many people all over the world are inspired by the legacy of Martin Luther King. If there has ever been a story of someone who strove to overcome against all the odds, that story is King’s.

King’s speeches were amazing. However, as an actor, Shemar has found King’s writings to be particularly powerful and resonant, as well. King’s vision and clarity comes through in pieces such as “Letter From a Birmingham Jail,” written after he was imprisoned for acting on his beliefs in racial equality.

King himself is a complex historical character, and there’s no way to know everything about him or describe all the ways that he has touched the lives of so many people. However, there are some aspects of King’s character that Shemar always strives to emulate.


What are they? Let’s take a look:


His Passion for Justice

King’s background was as a preacher, and he believed in the importance and power of justice. Wrongdoing has to be confronted — and each person has within himself or herself the ability to make the world a better place by confronting it, if they’re willing to take on the risk.


His Hard Work and Sacrifice

Doctors who saw King in his later life said that he had the heart of a much older man. He had been under so much stress and pressure for so long that it was no surprise. Yet, even knowing this, he continued to work tirelessly up until the very last day of his life.


His Eloquence, No Matter Who He Was Speaking To

All the great words in the world are worth little if they aren’t connected with an important message. However, it’s important for everyone to strive to communicate clearly and to reach out to others in life. Shemar’s acting is his way of building bridges between people.


His Dedication to Self-Improvement

Many people forget that Martin Luther King was the son of a preacher and began working hard at giving speeches at a very young age. He went to college at a time when this was very difficutl for black people, and he worked hard every day to cultivate his mind, body, and spirit.
Martin Luther King will surely never be forgotten. Honoring his legacy means finding ways in which we can carry on his spirit and vision. Shemar is thankful to Dr. King for all his work and always strives to remember his example.


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