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Shemar Moore Takes On The 2014 Coastal Challenge

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This October, Shemar Moore is taking on the National MS Society’s Coastal Bike Challenge in Santa Monica California! This bike challenge ranges from 30 to 150 miles and stretches across the Santa Monica coast as riders ride their way to raising money for MS research and the journey to a cure.

As many of you know, MS research is a cause very near and dear to Shemar’s heart, as his mother herself suffers from the disease. MS can hit a person in the prime of their life and take away their ability to walk, see, and live normally while fulfilling all they wish to fulfill with a healthy quality of life. The 2014 Coastal Challenge hosted by the National MS Society is taking strides to make the lives of those suffering from MS easier as they use their funds to find a cure, provide education, and perform research studies on how the lives of those living with MS can be improved.

With Shemar’s personal contributions to MS, as well as his donations from his Baby Girl clothing line, he is considered one of the top fundraisers at this year’s Coastal Challenge, and he wants to bring in even more money to help to fight the disease with his ride. Because MS stops its sufferers from moving freely, he wants to move as much as he can in order to raise the funds necessary to finally bring a cure to this disease effecting millions across the 50 states of the US.

There is no way to predict who may or may not find themselves suffering from MS, and a person can be diagnosed as young as 20 years old to face a lifetime with the disease. With advancements in medical science and technology, as well as MS specific studies, the lives of those with MS can be greatly improved, and it’s fundraisers such as the Coastal Challenge that we have to thank for these advancements!

All sponsors are welcome to support Shemar in his Coastal Challenge, and he credits his fans with helping him to raise as much as he has for MS already. With your help, you can contribute to Shemar’s favorite cause and to finally finding a cure for MS, and this can be done by becoming a sponsor on Shemar’s Coastal Challenge page. With the right funds, and the right support, a lifetime suffering from MS can truly become a thing of the past!

If you would like to make a donation, please go to:


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