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When Times Are Tough, Shemar Thinks Of Martin Luther King

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Martin Luther King Assassinated

There are few other people in the modern world who have had quite as much influence as Martin Luther King. Dr. King provided an example that helped to lift up millions of people — not just from coast to coast in the United States, but all over the world.

When King was campaigning for social justice and racial equality, many people believed that he was “ahead of his time” — meaning that he should stand aside and not agitate. Yet he carried on, knowing that many people were indifferent and many more even wished him harm.

Few people will face the peril and stress that Martin Luther King faced. Yet, when times are tough, Shemar thinks of Martin Luther King to find inspiration to carry on and show strength.

Let’s think for just a few moments about some of the challenges Martin Luther King faced.

As A Young Preacher, He Was Far From Welcome

Martin Luther King was the son of a preacher and believed he would follow in his father’s footsteps from the very earliest days. Yet, even with his skills and training, he was not very welcome at many of the first churches he went to. In many cases, he found difficult and troubled congregations that he needed to lead and turn around.

Martin Luther King Did Things No One Had Done Before

In the earliest part of his time as a social organizer, Dr. King was doing things that no one had done — and he had no way of knowing that they would succeed. When he helped to organize and mobilize the Montgomery Bus Boycott, for example, no grassroots campaign of that kind had ever been attempted and there was no knowing what impact it would have.

Martin Luther King Constantly Faced Danger Head-On

Martin Luther King went to jail dozens of times for his beliefs. Even in the very end, when he was well known to people all over the U.S., his stature didn’t protect him from the possibility that he would be harmed. He was a courageous man who constantly led from the front in the face of unimaginable danger and stress.

When things are looking down, remember: We won’t all be like Martin Luther King, but everyone has the same seed of courage and clarity within them that he had. Even when life is at its toughest, you will find the strength to stand up again.


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