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Shemar Moore: Criminal Minded [Interview] – The ‘Criminal Minds’ star talks sexiness, career longevity and pursuing the path of Hollywood greats

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For nearly 20 years, Shemar Moore has been making the ladies drool. And if he has his way, we’ll all be salivating for another couple of decades. Moore will tell you himself how drastically life changed for him back in April of 1994, when he first graced the small screen as Malcolm Winters on the classic CBS soap opera The Young and the Restless, and he hasn’t stopped since. talks with Moore about his role on that same network’s police drama Criminal Minds, his staying power and why George Clooney, Will Smith and Jamie Foxx better watch their backs … Read More Here


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I feel your presence,

But I cannot see you.

You’re my reflection in the mirror

But I do not recognize you.

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Shemar Moore: "I Fell Hard For Halle Berry"

Shemar Moore: “I Fell Hard for Halle Berry”

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For those of us who only know Shemar Moore as that shirtless wonder who causes a viral frenzy every time he goes jogging on the beach, let it be known: still waters run deep. In a surprisingly candid interview, the Criminal Minds star talks to us about his next move, the challenges he faced growing up biracial in Oakland and why “it’s no accident” he’s still single. Read More here

Thank You From Shemar Moore For All The Birthday Wishes!!!!

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Shemar Moore saying THANK YOU to all his fans for showing him LOVE and wishing him HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


‘Criminal Minds’ Shemar Moore returns to dark storyline

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Derek Morgan may be Criminal Minds‘ resident tough guy, but as any fan knows, he’s had a dark side since the show’s second season, when “Profiler Profiled” revealed he was molested as a child … Read More

EXCLUSIVE: Shemar Moore Talks Settling Down, Respecting Women and Those Shirtless Pics

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When it comes to Hollywood heartthrobs, they don’t get any sexier than Criminal Minds star Shemar Moore. A shirtless photo of him on the beach has been known to go viral in an instant, and the die-hard fans (his “baby girls”) will never get enough … Read Article


Shemar loving his brand new Cannondale bike courtesy of Cannondale Pro Cycling Team

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Shemar flashes his million-dollar smile as he shows off his new bike, courtesy of Cannondale Pro Cycling Team. This is an Italian professional road bicycling team based in Italy, currently sponsored by Cannondale, an American bicycle manufacturing company.

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Shemar’s Early Poems: “Our home”

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A picture unknown

but a common reality. It’s a colored town. It’s people

are weakened while their cry

is loud only silenced by the white frame which encases

their lives. 

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Shemar Talks about his Character Derek Morgan

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This video provides a brief description of not only Derek Morgan’s relationship with his Criminal Minds Team, but also his relationship with his co-stars as Shemar Moore. He goes into detail about his character and how he tackles various issues.

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Criminal Minds Live Video Chat with Shemar Moore

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